Bad Teacher. A review by Chlo-Ebert

13th June 2012

I didn’t watch Bad Teacher for a long time because watching Cameron Diaz be funny is usually more difficult than watching someone with fake oversized glasses justify Arcade Fire.

But I just watched it twice. Not only because the copy I rented for a dollar was so scratched up, that I had to drool onto the backside in a desperate attempt to make it stop skipping, but because its a rad movie!

And although Cameron Diaz is a awkward as I figured, as the movie goes on Jason Segal and Justin Timberlake end up being more predominant and funny characters.

Thats the movie review of a girl who thinks Spice World is a work of art, so I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

“Eat Pray Love is my favorite book, too!”

“Whats your favorite part?”


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