Call it a Dayte!

20th June 2012

Last Monday, it was so nice in New York, that Alex and I took advantage before he flew back home to California. We ate lunch at a place I’d been meaning to try, took a walk through the park, and tried to find reasons to wear in my La Sardina.

We went to Jacobs Pickels on the Upper West Side, where you can choose from multiple different delicious root beers, the pickled appetizers are served in cute mason jars wedged into a block of wood, and the booths are so tall that you can dangle your feet through out the entire meal!

I ordered the shrimp and bacon cheese grits which was only a problem because now I want an order of it every day!!

I also may have had a fun time popping off their little heads, trying to use them as finger puppets…

and sacrificing the leftovers to this natural born krill-er.

Alex ordered the tastiest fried chicken that was topped with tons of thin fresh pickle slices and honey. Then was wedged between two buttermilk biscuits.

The restaurant was the best pickle I’ve ever gotten myself into.

Then we went to the little lake on the east side of Central park and got spied on by a toy sail boat that simply refused to boatt out!

We also had a few failed attempts at a staring contest. Like this one where we stared back to a time before technicolor

and the one where we stared into my La Sardina camera as I failed to keep it still with one hand.

Toward the end of the day, we almost got into a slight altercation with the MEANEST squirrel in all of Manhattan after he tried to assault a pigeon. In fear of having his family being half as cruel as he was, we left the park in fear and hid in a movie theater that was playing Prometheus.

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