Put the Pedal To No Metal Music.

24th June 2012

I recently inherited a bicycle, just in time for summer. I’ve owned many bikes in my past, but none as thin and light weight as this one. It seems to make a big difference in how often I want to ride it. Which is all the time, by the way!

My favorite part of riding, has been going up inclines through the park. I love the struggle to make it up a hill that seems never ending. I love it because, when I do finally get to the top, I then get to enjoy the reward of going downhill as the wind cools me off and I stand on my pedals knowing that it is the closest moment I’ll ever come to flying.

Riding my bike has also given me a perfect atmosphere to listen to a certain kind of music that in other situations may come across as really low energy and kind of sad.

I made 2 mixes of music that I’ve been enjoying while I ride my bike. If you’ve been taking advantage of summer bike rides, maybe you’ll enjoy them, too!

Download my Uphill Mix here

Download Downhill Mix here

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