Fresh Squeezed!

10th July 2012

Let me start this post by stating something obvious to those around me. I LOVE Squeeze! Although their best known for the song Tempted, Squeeze has SO many amazing songs, albums, and members.

Squeeze went through many different members before breaking up around the time that I started taking a real interest in them. They reformed in 2007, and I’ve been dying to see them since I missed their show at the Beacon theater, that year, but have never been able to be in the right place at the right time.

One of my favorite games to play in the car is “Be Squeeze”. All it is, is turning on the 1st Wave station on Sirus Radio while vocalizing that I hope that they’re playing a Squeeze song on there at that exact moment. I’ve one this game several times, but have recently started cheating and playing this game with the Squeeze Pandora station! I pretty much win ALL the time!

I was recently listening to a live record of theirs on a bike ride in New York, and couldn’t contain my jealousy for the faceless wooing I could hear in the background. I wanted to sing along and be friends with these people who I probably have nothing in common with. At that moment, I was determined to see Squeeze and I knew that it was feasible.

I saw that they were playing in a town in California I’ve never heard of and decided that that would be the show. Alex has inadvertently become a fan and was excited to come along on my adventure with me! I flew out to California and we took a road trip to the small suburban town of Grass Valley to see SQUEEZE!!!!

We got into town a couple of hours early, and took in the sights.

It seemed like the town closes down early, during the week though, so we went to the venue to pick up my photo pass and sneak a listen of their sound check

I was already excited and I even got to get my photo taken with them, before they started!

The show was AMAZING! It was a really intimate show at a small venue with no other bands playing. That means they played two full sets, and I hyperventilated only twice.
I got to take some shots of them when they started, and between sets!
It may have been one of the most amazing nights of my night
When I lived in Los Angeles, I used to skim through records at Amobea a lot. Even though there was rarely any new Squeeze records, I would always go to the section to see this little free treat.

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Squeezed!

  1. Courtney

    I love Squeeze! A lot. I saw them a few years ago and it was absolutely fantastic. I was bummed they didn’t come anywhere near me on this tour. Have you seen Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road? It’s a fun documentary.

  2. bob

    I had heard Tempted, but I didn’t really know anything about their other songs until a few years ago. Up The Junction came on the radio, and I had to repeat the lyrics in my head until I got some place where I could look up what the song was and who it was by. :)

    Going some place you’ve never been to see a concert is great, especially if you go early to explore!


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