Just Some Cultural Saturation

5th August 2012

I don’t know much about San Francisco except for these few things:

  • they roast great coffee
  • they love posting “we’re open” signs within closed establishments
  • they offer fun old photo booths
  • its home to the Tanner family
  • they pave their bumpy roads with the craziest crazies
  • they cram old shops with even mixture of old People magazines and bizarre porn tapes
  • and have back alleys that are so festive that it almost makes you forget that you may get stabbed walking down them.

Here’s a couple of photos I recently took while walking down just one of those said ally ways.

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3 thoughts on “Just Some Cultural Saturation

  1. nova

    We have a giant whale mural near my work in Victoria and it’s THE place to buy drugs. “Down by the whale wall” haha there’s always crackheads and cops arresting people to watch. Good times.

  2. lindzie

    Walk down the back allies in Chinatown. You will find all sorts of treasures like the nest fortune cookies and fireworks.


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