Heres a Brick Down Of A Fun Day

11th October 2012

While I was up in California, I tagged along on a trip to the little town of Sebastopol to watch some dudes armed with cans that spit color, turn a brick wall into a far more interesting brick wall!

By some dudes, I mean Wayshak, Ricky Watts, Dave Correia, Alex Pardee, and Quake and by brick wall I probably mean something far more artsy and “blank canvas” or “a visual form of identity” or “the next best thing to a fresh slice of pizza”

Whatever it was, I liked distracting myself by playing peak a boo with the shade, seeing how many cat heads I could draw on a page, and other mundane activities only to look up and see that everyone was always at diffrent stages of painting.

Heres some photos from the day:

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