31st October 2012

Hudson River Pier in Hurricane Sandy

Happy Halloween! I’m in NYC and wanted to spend the day at the coffee shop with internet so that I could to introduce some spooky friends I made to help me scare the city, over the week but Hurricane Sandy outdid me and my little ghost friends by turning off the lights in half of New York!

VERY luckily, it wasn’t the half that I’m in, but my coffee shop looks a bit more like a CNN business center. The lower half of Manhattan is joining me in trying to get some work done in the 15 minutes before this coffee shop closes so that the employees can get back to their loved ones before dark.

Seems that with or without a storm 3 things stay true:

  1. New York is always in a very organized state of chaos
  2. Not having internet at home makes me feel vulnerable
  3. Halloween is just another day of the week!

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