Hanging out with witches in Brooklyn

9th November 2012

Before Sandy, my pre Halloween treat days were going about wonderfully! I stocked up on witch fingers that I distributed to everyone I passed in my everyday life, in hopes that they would keep them on for the day. That means that out of the 4 elevator guys in my building, my grandma, the guy at the bodega downstairs, a couple of friends, and my dog, only my friend Jay was the only one who was stoked on walking around Brooklyn with me while wearing lady fingers for a day.

We liked our new fingers so much, that we wanted to continue our makeovers by trying on new faces, too! So we went into RePop in Willamsburg and tried on the spoooookiest old masks we could find.

We also stopped by Junk to play hide and seek amongst the piles of half broken furniture and to recreate some old sad family photos.

We worked up quite an appetite and decided to go to one of our favorite newer restaurant establishments. The Meatball Shop! At the Meatball Shop, they give you a laminated menu with tons of options, and a cup full of markers, so that you can mark off how you want your meatballs served to you!

No meal is complete without dessert! Luckily, theres a new candy shop in Brooklyn called Suckers the Sweet Cellar.  Trying to eat candy with witch fingers proved to be very difficult, since half of Jays candy corn ended up falling through the bench.So we took a break from the halloween hands, to enjoy the thought of New York covered in snow (caps) since we both would probably not be in town to see it in real life.

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