Adventures with the Marshalls: My Grand Orlando Tour

9th December 2012

Last week, I got to spend sometime down in Florida with my favorite family, the Marshalls! Ryan and his daughter Tessa gave me a tour of some of the towns around Orlando, let me draw with them, introduced me to geocaching, and let me eat all of their macaroni!

They were great hosts. On our trip around Orlando, we stopped into the Makr shop and watched tons of people hand sewing and cutting out fun leathery goods.

Then I got to visit the Rifle Paper Shop filled with the CUTEST everything. Like cute Christmas cards

cute stringcute bottles of goldand the cutest little girl that loved the cute gold!
While taking a walk after bit, Tessa became slightly disgusted with my foot wear and refused to look at me before we went shopping for new ones.

These were the gems she was trying to sell me on. I wasn’t budging so instead of spending money on new shoes, we got colorful cookies from the grocery store and went home to eat them.Ryan claimed to be a diabetic, and opted to eat Tessas tummy instead.Even without the sugar cookies and window shopping, I had such a fun trip playing with the dreamy Canon Mark II that I took these photos on, and catching up with one of my oldest friends and watching him and his family continue to grow up.

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