Oh Joy! The Root Of Happiness

13th December 2012

Over the past couple of weeks, my back tooth was being a real jerk. Because it caused me so much pain, I couldn’t eat my favorite treats, lay my face on my usual side of the pillow, and even laughing was really difficult to do. Without sugar, sleep, and laughs I felt like a real boring adult. It became increasingly clear that I would have to get my very first root canal.

So I went to the dentist, who verified my fear, but made it seem like not such a big deal by giving me a comic book explaining the process of a root canal. It was so silly! They called the process “root canal therapy”, as if my mouth just had some issues that it needed to talk out until there was a break though.

Leading up to the “therapy” all I heard were horror stories from people. So when Alex drove me to the dentist, I was expecting the worst. Being bed ridden for days and eating nothing but watery soup. I was SO wrong!

The nurse and I cracked jokes about my numb mouth feeling like marshmallows, then I blasted Glenn Miller on my iPod while they made my mouth look like a wired bomb for an hour.I didn’t feel very much and when it was over, I got to go to pick up a perception where the pharmacist said my name over the intercom. (a first since I got called to the deans office in high school!) Then curled up on the couch while watching Mrs, Doubtfire,  and Alex brought me a delicious chocolate milkshake for dinner!

My first super grown up experience of having to get a root canal resulted in a really nice day off in which I got to feel like a kid again! It was a pretty great day that made me love life. Heres some other things I love about life:

Glasses! I love them not only because they help people see and cleverly disguise super heros, but because they also make my mega babe of a boyfriend look so damn cute!Trying to understand what machines do

Using the holidays as an excuse to eat things that should probably never be consumed for 11 other months out of the year.

Warming my toes on car dashboards.

Making watercolor mistakes into adventurous new friends. An occasional free ride wether its from the train, carpooling, or even being pushed around in a shopping cart at the grocery store!

Strange looking plants

Spinning really really fastMaking it snow!When people get crafty with duct tape

Looking up at little kids
Giving hidden objects personalities

Creative christmas treeslaughing!

Honorable mentions:

  • Perfectly made cups of tea
  • This sweet yet sad letter from Fiona Apple regarding her dying dog
  • Big squishy pilllows
  • Remembering the songs from 90s commercials
  • The sky right before a huge storm
  • Seeing someone you love waiting for you outside the gates of an airport
  • Change jars full of quarters
  • When someone you respect tells you that you’re doing a good job
  • Receiving an actual letter
  • Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider
  • Picking at the rubber tab on the back of a pair of Converse shoes
  • Watching kids meet Disney characters
  • Texting back and forth in Dr Seuss-like rhymes
  • Flattering tweets from internet friends
  • Grooming my boyfriends beard on the porch
  • Having someone to take care of your plants while you’re away
  • Impromptu adventures across the state you live in.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Joy! The Root Of Happiness

  1. Sam

    I had my first root canal a few weeks ago!! I’ve had to go back a few times and every time I sit down, they immediately strap the gas mask on my face. Going to the dentist has turned into a stoney adventure!

  2. Ria Molina

    I love the bit about turning watercolor mistakes into characters; quite inspiring, actually… Maybe I’ll act on that inspiration and make a whole series that include every kind of stain!


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