oh Joy! from a happy hermit

10th January 2013

I’ve been a bit of a homebody in 2013, thus far. The little infestation of carpenter ants and I have really enjoyed our time working by the heaters and watching episodes of I Love Lucy on Hulu. Heres some other things that have been making me happy, lately:

color coordination

the color combination of mustard yellow and brown

crunchy vegetables sprinkled with kosher salt

The ascetic combination of dots and lines

Reading or watching New York based things when I feel a bit homesick; Making party hats

Inspiring stacks of paper. (new notebooks with silly Squeezeable stickers, new Selby book, and Jim Hensons journal)

Keeping warm by it means holding hands or holding hot tea; Spinning and climbing around new places

Making an ass for of myselfRe-discovering my old favorite cereals. (and all things Tuxedo Sam!)

Painting in the warm house and ice skating in the cold rink

The hum of a sewing machine right before the needle hits the bobbin

Honorable mentions:

  • this Tweenchronic music video
  • vanilla tea
  • The new Jerry Seinfeld web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
  • Alex’s 2012 recap
  • tubes of watercolor
  • christmas lights (I just can’t bring myself to taking them down)
  • hearing a song I love, in a movie
  • the flicker of a candle in an otherwise stagnant room
  • the smell of Davines Love shampoos
  • fresh daisies in a makeshift vase
  • finding old hard suitcases at thrift stores
  • building my first bike
  • repotting plants a.k.a. playing in dirt
  • Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained
  • getting excited about Scumdance & Sundance soon!

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3 thoughts on “oh Joy! from a happy hermit

  1. Em

    So, off topic to this post, but I’ve decided you need to run an online photography course. Like, a non-lame one. I’ve spent all day trying to find a decent & affordable one, but none of them have an interesting or unique photography style. I’m trying to learn to use my camera properly in the manual mode, but I honestly do not plan to use it for photos of grass blowing in the wind or four hundred and twelve bland baby photos. Just a thought ;)

  2. Paola

    I’m in love with your blog. Its so easy to keep reading through. You have an amazing eye for things and a clever mind to!


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