oh joy! I’m freezing.

17th January 2013

We got to Utah yesterday where it is currently 10 degrees. More than anything I’m enjoying heat packs and having a warmer hand to hold. Heres some other things I love about life right now:
incredible things you find at a dollar store (wheres Ginger?!)tiny vials of scent

sliding on frozen grassusing binder clips as display toolsviewing my succulent plants as alien pets that live in pots (this ones name is Aloe Hal)

mixing shake flavors at In n Out; bringing props to a photoboothturning house hold junk into pretty planters

pups that look like Bruce Vilanch

  • Kwaku Alstons video on editing his photos of Drew Barrymore
  • When you get the bigger half of a split sandwich
  • Ikea coffee
  • felt that comes in all different colors

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