Oh Joy!

18th April 2013

My friend Paul caught this photo of me spinning myself dizzy, in a big empty room that I found. I love spinning! Heres some other things I love about life, along with some recent photos I’ve taken:

When things don’t go as planned. Its what makes events into adventures!

Homes that smell sweet and welcoming

Putting a bottle of water in the freezer just long enough for it to form ice around the edges of the bottle, then drinking it as if its a glass of ice cold water!

fake flowers

Old California movie theaters that look like huge coconuts

pulling leaves off of artichokes

When a stranger catches you looking at them, and smiles.

When oranges look like they have belly buttons

Doing a handstand, successfully, for longer than 2 seconds

Gated walls that remind me of Mario

Spotting otters!

Urban Camouflaging

Getting super fresh popcorn at the movies

Hearing the strange out of place/era things people say while playing video games.

Outdated restroom decor
Bitting the tips off of strawberries

Jumping off stairs instead of using that last step.

Good/ bad puns…actually all puns

Portugal. The Man‘s fun live light show

decorating trees that missed out on Christmas

going to dinners where you’re greeted at your table by a honey bear

When the sky tries to use all the colors it can at the same time

  • Annette Funicello and Fishbone and polka dots!!!
  • Beauty is Embarrassing The super inspiring documentary about Wayne White, who constructed the puppets for Pee Wees Playhouse and makes those words over thrift store art painting. You know what I’m talking about…
  • Earls Sweatshirt- Woah

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