Ticklelay Culkin

20th April 2013

One of the meanest things I enjoy in my everyday life is tickling. It was a desire that laid stagnant for years until my boyfriend told me that he is so ticklish, that he can’t touch his own feet without feeling tickled. From that moment, I find myself…accidentally…brushing my toes up against the bottoms of his feet because I know its going to result in an unexpected chuckle in an otherwise silent room. If you have a friend who is ticklish, may I suggest this really awful, excruciating, and hilarious activity? Try drawing of writing something on the bottom of each others feet!

Tickling is the best! It causes your to laugh uncontrollably and no matter how much you hate it at the time, everything feels fresher after a good laugh. (unless it results in you pissing you pantaloons). Even the word itself is pretty funny. The best thing I’ve seen all week is probably this video on how even rats enjoy a good tickling:

My other favorite tickling moment, is probably this penguins laugh and nod.

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