My 28th Annual Birthday!

4th June 2013

I recently got to celebrate another birthday! I LOVE my birthdays because they typically are the day where I get to rescue balloons from party stores and take them around for a big day out, for their 8 hour life span. I had a lot of adventuring planned for them, so I needed a big breakfast.

So I had chicken and waffles! After we got the check, the kind of looney and completely sweet old man that owned the place kept stalling us and demanded that I refill my Pepsi. I happily obliged, and was soon greeted with a huge slice of red velvet cake and the “happy birthday song” being sung to me by a staff of people who sounded like they had just learned it 2 minutes earlier. It was a GREAT start to my day!

The day got even better when Alex gave me the gift of a clear umbrella, with my drawings on them. Since it never rains where we live, I wasn’t sure how much use we could get out of it in nature. So we went to the front yard, turned on our hose, and took cover under the bubble to test it out!The day got even better when I got to pick out balloons to rescue from the party store. I found the polka dot balloons to be the cutest of them all.

We put so many balloons into the car, that we had to replace the airbags! It was a clown car. Complete with clown shoes, seltzer water, and laughs! We brought the balloons to my favorite place in all of San Francisco, Japantown!
We ate Gyūdon and looked at merchandise featuring my favorite fictional character,Kiiroitori. (also known as, the fat duck emojicon, on my iPhone).   I think the balloons got a bit too excited, because they started blindly leading us all over Japantown!They were almost completely out of control! They spun me around and got so excited that they began making loud popping noises that kept startling me.Thankfully, Alex was able to wrangle them. Soon after, they settled down and told us that they were just growing impatient because they we’re hoping to catch a Pokemon, before we left. So we continued our day and our hunt for Pikachu!

Turns out, that the little Pokemon has grown into quite a large fella!Alex and I were having so much fun with so many balloons, that it seemed greedy to keep them all to ourselves. So we started giving them to others for their unbirthdays, but there were still SO many balloons!

So we met up with some friends and took them ice skating!Soon, all of the balloons were well placed and it was really fun to watch my friends skating around with a bright new accessory. I’m pretty sure its what helped everyone float around on the ice…because as soon as Alex lost his, he slid right onto the floor!I had a really great birthday and so far, its been a great new year for me.I may be getting older, but it continues to feel like I’m not growing up too much, because my best friend is there to support my decisions no matter how immature they may seem.Its also nice to have a group of people around me that are also really creative and supportive and silly.

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One thought on “My 28th Annual Birthday!

  1. Vief

    ♡ Happy belated birthday! Seems like you had a most amazing day, your smile is soooo big!! And the balloooooons really are the best!
    Love the way you wrote this post. Hope the rest of the year is just as good to you!


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