My New Favorite Energy Bar

19th June 2013

Last week, while I was at Disney, I passed that sticky thing on a stick that I see at every purchasable corner of Disney World.

The massive lollipop. It seems so intimidatingly sweet and oversized that I’ve never attempted to eat one but that day was different.

I had been up since 5am with nothing to eat and no clear view of when I would have a chance to get real food, in sight. It seemed like the most logical idea for how to regain some energy.

So I picked out the one with the most twists of fun colors and bought it!

I realized quickly that there are three important things to remember while attempting to eat a cartoon-like lollipop:

  1. Its not possible to fit it in your mouth, so choose only one side to lick
  2. If your milkshake brings all the boys to your yard, then your lollipop will bring all the children to where you’re standing in line for the Dumbo ride
  3. Your hair also may love it. Keep both children and your hair back, and the treat will sustain minimal germage.

I could only get to a certain point in the 2 hours that I spent working on it before it brushed up against a very sweaty parent and had to be thrown away but it was a fun time while it lasted.

Whats the last new food you’ve tried?

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