Oh Joy!

6th June 2013

I got a bubble wand for $1.50, on a whim. I only intended to use it at the park to see how big I could actually blow them. Turns out the bubbles get so big and are so fun and colorful, that I couldn’t stop using them! My favorite place to use the bubble wand, has been at stop lights, while in the car. Nobody enjoys stopping, but it is a little more enjoyable when bubbles start floating passed you for no reason!

Heres some other little things that I’ve been enjoying in life, lately:
Fake floral things (like my Celia Birtwell skirt & origami ring!)

Reenacting scary movies in silly ways. (I would love for someone who works at Lush, to just come up to me and demand that I “put the lotion in the basket”)

Unintentionally matching outfits

Taking off shoes when entering a home, and seeing everyones socks

Ice skating in the summer timeThe feeling of warm rain on bare legsWaiting by the phone when you’re expecting a call from someone you loveFinding a shady spot to spend the day in the parkEating watermelon with a fork

Dogs in bags
Understanding my way around San Francisco, a little more all the timeFriends that just ooze with a unique personality When relationships evolve into entirely new chapters, within secondsWatching dogs try to maneuver with that satellite around their necks.Breakfast beverages

sunroofs! horseback riding, like city folk (and small children) dotaking a photo the minute someone blows air out of their mouth with loose lips.

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