I Love Collecting Photos Of Strangers

27th July 2013

I love taking photos of new people because I everyone is so unique that every photo I get that I’ve never gotten before is as fulfilling of a collection to me as stamps are to old men and police reports are to Amanda Bynes.

 No matter how many times I do it, theres always something exciting and scary about taking photos of strangers. I never want them to look contrived and I hate the rejection of someone saying that they don’t want their photo taken. Actually, I think its not the rejection as much as its the difficulty I have restraining myself from trying to convince them that they look awesome and should totally have their face or hair our outfit or laugh documented at that very moment, and instead just saying “oh, okay. Sorry then” and moving on. Its a really fun practice of interaction every time I shoot an event. I’m in a room full of people that are aware that they’re going to be looked at and are prepared (and even sometimes excited) to have their photo taken! It’s liberating!  The last event I got to shoot was for the opening of artist Sylvia Ji’s Mexican Textile inspired show that the FFDG Gallery in San Francisco. The bay are is full of real fun characters and I got to collect shots of a lot of them, to share in my own way!

 Check out some photos I took from the event on the FFDG site!

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