Independence Night

7th July 2013


I love all of the different ways I’ve been able to spend this holiday though out my lifetime of being American.

Tumbling down grassy hills in Florida and itching my legs the entire rest of the day.

Listening to my Electric Ladyland cd over and over again as I rode in the back of an open truck through Massachusetts.

Catching fireflies in Riverside Park and naming each one before letting it go.

Hula hooping on my rooftop in Brooklyn, watching the fireworks surround NYC.

Trying to blow up solid object with bottle rockets in Atlanta.

Driving into Portland waiting for the perfect moment to ignite a tiny firework in the shape of a monster truck.

 I’ve spent many Independence days in many different parts of this country and am grateful for every year that I’m able to travel an experience something new. This year I spent it in my new home with some friends, a pup, and many sticks full of fun colorful smoke. 

1044919_695575373802605_497813160_n copyphoto by Paul Bustamante

*All other photos were taken by me with my Samsung NX300 camera!

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