The Little Things…

17th July 2013

I’m spending the week in San Diego, taking photos for San Diego Comic Con!!! Every time I go to a comic convention, I get super inspired by how resourceful and creative people are with their work.

I didn’t grow up on comic books the same way a lot of my friends did, but I still love the idea of building worlds and making characters. So for this SDCC, I gave my imaginary cat a name and made her a book to tell you a little bit about her!

Her Name is Heartvey, and she loves to tell you about the things that she loves about life! She made a list of these things for my to draw out and so there is not a little zine to show the little things that she loves!

Since she loves summer treats and googly eyes, we decided to make an entire tiny care package to hand out to people at Comic Con, this year.

I made the text on the bag with gold stamp ink and a Martha Stewart stamp kit that I am currently a little obsessed with. I used origami paper and pens for the treats, and a xerox machine and a very sweet assistant, helped me get 100 zines done just in time for the convention!I closed each one with some colorful washi tape, and made a stamp of Heartveys head to set as a base for a drawing of her on the back!Each zine has a unique and original drawing of the adventures that Heartvey has gotten herself into!



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