15th November 2013

 Hi there! I’ve been an absent blogger, probably because I’m not much of a blogger to begin with. I miss having an outlet for what I’ve been working on, although a lot of the things I’ve recently been working on are sworn to secrecy, which brings me back to my lack of update.

I bet this is about as exciting to read about as the script for Juno, so onward to snippets of nonsense that have happened between jobs, over the past few months!

 1. I got to meet Woody! The jerk told me that there was a snake in his boot and scared the bajesus out of me…  2. I bought so many balloons in New York, that I nearly flew away  3. I got to spend some time with my old friend at Disneyland, and found the joys of personalizing balloons  4. Had tons of fun scraps to pick up though out the month, from crafting

1. flew into LA just in time to make it to Alex’s Bunnywith art show, and hand out doughnuts to the crowd that was waiting outside to get in  2. Went on a road trip with this little lucky llama who got a lovely makeover, half way through  3. Started doing more stop motion VINE videos on my Vine account  4. Got to see the magical world of David Copperfield!  1. I was lucky enough to find some free time in Florida to go meet my best friends new little lady  2. Went rock climbing. 2 1/2. Kidding! If I wanted to climb, I’d obviously find a tree or a stagnant basket ball player  3. I got a brand new DSLR, and turned my cosmetic case into a padded camera case for it to live in. I LOVE how unassuming looks  4. Got to spend some time in Central Park with my favorite old friend Charlie the pup. I miss her a lot, being all the way out in New York with my grandma, but we recently got a new furry friend to help turn our California house into a home.

 Alex and I have been spending a lot of our time at the Bay Area shelters in the search for the perfect companion. Every time we went to the San Francisco Animal Control center, little Harvey was there getting more irresistible with every visit. When we finally got the ok from our landlord to have a dog, we went back and got to visit Harvey out of his kennel. The first thing that he did was run up and hug us and we were in love! He’s been the most perfect puppy ever since!

We puppy proofed the house, cleaning, redecorating, fixing the yard. It feels good to finally see the house look how I’ve been wanting it to for so long. It feels good to know that I have such a supportive person to cheer me on though all of my silly home and  work stresses. It feels good to have a new camera after beating mine up for so long. It feels good to have a companion that likes roll around in the grass and protect the house with a single bark. I feel like I’m starting a new chapter, premature of New Years and I really like it.

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