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No More Monkeys Doing What We Did

24th March 2013

Recently, my friend Bea from New York came into town to play a show in San Francisco. It was really great to see an old friend, roam around a still unfamiliar city, and jump on hotel beds together!

My I suggest this activity, when you have one of those realizations that unlike Spiderman, pigeons, and balloons, you will probably never be able to fly.

All you need is two beds and a pretty high ceiling!

Oh Joy!

22nd March 2013

Being greeted by dinosaurs on my way into San Francisco Picture charades. (Can you spy my “Whoopie Gold-Berg” drawing?)Sheep disguised as dogs Being in the Bahamas, where my nails camouflage

and my toes require 3-D glasses!

Knowing that Charlie is taking good care of my family, back in New YorkBoats that look like their hands are raised all at onceSeeing how attracted to Alex the jellyfish are, too

Getting my hand messy with bright colors

Bubbly water in nice restaurantsBubbly air in fancy music hallsTaking walks with friends.

Watercolor of Water Lovers

15th March 2013

A little while back, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the very first time. I always hear about it being where all of the cute otters live, so I was very excited to meet a few of them in the fur! Unfortunately, when I got there, I was soon told that the otters were on vacation for a little while.

I came for the otters, but stayed for the fish! I discovered so many silly/ cute/ pretty fish that I never knew existed. They were so fascinating to me that I asked it I could paint their portraits, to which they obliged! Okay, so a bufflehead duck isn’t the same as a fish, but he was just so cute that I had to include him. He was a duck, that was black and white and seemed as if he was pretending to be a penguin. A baby duck….pretending to be a penguin. Can you think of anything more adorable?

Perhaps a sunfish who has half a fish body, real life googly eyes, and a permanent smile!

or a needlefish that looks kind of like a miniature swordfish with an eating disorder!

or a flounder who, in real life, is much grumpier and flatter that he was in The Little Mermaid.

I also thought that the leafy seadragon was the prettiest salad/ seahorse that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Speaking of pretty, the white spotted jellyfish looked like it was wearing a cute polka dot hat and its fanciest tutu that would flutter, every time it started to swim.

Although all of my new ocean dwelling discoveries were appealing in there own way, no one was more excited about life than the skate. You may not think so, by just looking at him, as he slowly shuffles along the bottom of the ocean floor. But if you look at him for long enough, he will swim straight upward and show off he gleaming smile, and does a little dance with his tail. He’s a real camera loving nudist, so it was pretty easy for me to grab this shot of him, while I was there.

Waking up!

10th March 2013

Hi blog. I miss you. I have so much to share.

  • I got attacked by a monk fish
  • I went grocery shopping in Mexico
  • I celebrated Valentines day like an Australian
  • I found the all time cutest bird

and SO much more

This year has been so exciting, so far and I’ll probably go back to posting soon.

This Time, Last Week.

27th January 2013

Alex and I went on a day-te last Sunday. We roamed around Utah hoping to stumble upon some hidden gem shops or strange people to befriend. Thats where the Mormon aspect of the town really came forward. Everything was closed on Sunday, and it was far too cold for even the craziest crazies.

After a bit of aimless driving, we worked up an appetite and stumbled into the nearest open restaurant for breakfast. It was a glorious stumble.We ended up at The Copper Onion. A brightly light, rustic themed restaurant that was unassumingly placed practically within the movie theater next door.

The best things I got out of our trip to The Copper Onion:

  • BBQ brisket on a biscuit with a fried egg and hollandaise
  • 4 dollar mimosa
  • shishito peppers

and seeing this face being constantly concerned with biting into a spicy pepper, within the bunch.

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