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oh Joy! Post Utah post

24th January 2013

I just got back from Utah, the other day. I love SLC and almost wasn’t ready to leave. It got down to a mere 5 degrees on our last day there. It was nice to have a warm car to run into and a warm house to go back to and a warm heat pack in my pocket at all times. I’m glad I got to play in snow, this winter. It makes me feel like I got my first real seasonal change in for the year!

To coincide with the first day of the independent film festival, Sundance. I went to Utah with my mega artistic friends to be part of the Scumdance art show. The Zerofriends crew does an annual show in Salt Lake, and I’m so honored to have been a part of the show this year. I loved overhearing people trying to guess what character I had made was supposed to depict and was super inspired to keep creating, because of it.

All of our art from Scumdance is up to be purchased, on Blonde Grizzly’s website, by the way.

Heres some other things I love about life:

Kids suitcases! They make trips to the airport instantly less drab. They’re also so tiny and unforgiving of stretch space that they tend to stop me from overpacking.

The gradual color change in glasses of Thai ice tea

Basements! Its like having an extra house under a house. And sometimes basements even include ping pong tables!

Alexs melty face

Crushed ice. It feels like eating clean snow.

Having a simple solution for “bad head days”

Tiny foods

Tiny drinks

Having someone who wants to help you achieve your goalsPeople watchingHolding warm cups on cold days.

This song…or maybe the video. I actually don’t know what it is about it that I like, but I do. Probably because I’m white and don’t really understand rap music.

Honorable mentions:

  • Arglye tights
  • Hand written notes
  • Rediscovering old music
  • Movie nights
  • Frozen chocolate chips
  • iFont maker
  • Alexs nice write up about my dolls
  • Looking forward to new seasons of tv shows
  • Coming up with a URL that hasn’t been taken
  • Writing your signature perfectly
  • The 1 second everyday app
  • When a dog rolls over so you can pet its belly
  • Kicking up snow
  • When you get a good game of ping pong started
  • Hires burgers and root beer floats

How Tu-esday: Make a hungry light box!

22nd January 2013

Like most people, my house isn’t properly set up for a photo studio so like to improvise! When I need to take pretty straight forward product shots, I end up making friends, in order to help me build a light box! Its a simple and cheap way to create clean and evenly lit shots. Heres how you can make one too.

You’ll need these things to make both the friend and the light box:

To make a friend, just cut and paste like so:make the eyes and teeth, and hold them off to the side until later

Heres how you make the light box:Lay the cardboard flat. Cut along one panel of the box using the ruler as a guide to keep the cut from veering too close to the fold of the box.

Repeat that process 2 more times so that only one cardboard panel is still uncut.

Tape up the box. By now, your box should be able to fit your Totoro, like so.

Cut three of the flaps off of the box

Tape the tracing paper to 2 insides of the box, and one on top of the box. This way, to take nice overhead shots (like these), all you have to do is lift up the flap and shoot straight down!

Cut the poster board to the width of the box, and tape them from the back board up, out.

Now bring your friend out into the bright sun that would usually cast shadows on your subject, and try feeding it to your new friend. I bet he’ll eat all the shadows and (if its yummy enough) your subject, too!

Look how quickly he ate my Jello!!! 3 shutter clicks and the whole thing was gone.


19th January 2013

On New Years day, I became transfixed with watching the Kofy 80′s themed dance party marathon. I can only explain this as Kofy ,the local Bay Area TV station, cruises the streets of Oakland seeking out the confused street walking leftovers from the Occupy movement and invite them into the studio to pretend to dance, while in silence. Then they play “It’s a Cruel Summer” over the footage and feed it to me for cringing pleasure. I call it a marathon, but I actually think it was just one really long hour.

I thought that was the most amusing thing that Kofy had to offer. That was until I was informed that right before commercial breaks, Kofy shows off dogs watching tv.

Hence Goober. My favorite bay area celebrity pup since Chance from Homeward Bound 2.

One Hour Photo: Utah adventure!

18th January 2013

9 AM: I challenged myself to taking a photo an hour, for an entire day. It happened to be on the day that we flew off to Utah to prepare for the Scumdance show!

10 AM: I was feeling like I had not yet really woken up, so I stopped into the airport Starbucks for a little pick-me-up

11 AM: Turns out I needed more coffee than I realized, so I tried my “little pick-me-up” shtick on the barista, who thought I was so clever, that she had to rename me!

12 PM: With my new name, I thought it would be a clevery joke to wait until the plane took off and give Alex a C cup. Dave caught on, and also handed him his D cup. What a boob! 1 pm: JOKES! I love Alex. I also love the little stirrer that came with this fancy adult drink.

2 PM: Around this point in my day, I lost an hour due to Southwests complimentary time travel service that you get from sitting in coach! However, I’m gonna overlook that and pretend its still 2pm, going on 3. I thought I had mentally prepared myself for the impending cold, after looking out onto the frozen lakes of Utah but I was wrong.

3 PM: It was an icy 20 degrees out in Salt Lake, but no one seemed to tell 2 of these three dudes.

4 PM: We were introduced to the most massive icicles we’ve ever seen. Still cold, by the way.

5 PM: I showed a real cute pup what I had made for the show, and she was excited to show me her art space, too!

6 PM: We snuck into Ikea to grab 100 frames for Alexs 100 paintings, for the show.

7 PM: We spotted the Ikea© Sasquatch running through the Ikea© forest, and left before he could attack us.

8 PM: I blacked out, so I don’t remember what actually happened around this time but I’m pretty sure a wall of the gallery got painted the same color of my memory.

9 PM: Alexs originals went from a stack, into 100 frames.

10 PM: Bilbo Baggins stopped by to help us set up, then told us it was probably about time to call it a day. I agreed.

That was my Wednesday! I spent it shooting and sewing up the final touches for my pieces in the Scumdance show (as photographed by Alex!) It opens tonight at Blonde Grizzly.

213 East 300 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Come over and check it out, if you happen to be in SLC!

oh joy! I’m freezing.

17th January 2013

We got to Utah yesterday where it is currently 10 degrees. More than anything I’m enjoying heat packs and having a warmer hand to hold. Heres some other things I love about life right now:
incredible things you find at a dollar store (wheres Ginger?!)tiny vials of scent

sliding on frozen grassusing binder clips as display toolsviewing my succulent plants as alien pets that live in pots (this ones name is Aloe Hal)

mixing shake flavors at In n Out; bringing props to a photoboothturning house hold junk into pretty planters

pups that look like Bruce Vilanch

  • Kwaku Alstons video on editing his photos of Drew Barrymore
  • When you get the bigger half of a split sandwich
  • Ikea coffee
  • felt that comes in all different colors
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