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How Tuesday: Make a camera strap with a scarf

10th September 2013

Now that summer is officially over, Its time to get ready for scarf friendly season. I thought I’d show anyone with a camera and a bland camera strap, how easy it is to make your strap a bit more comfortable and fashionable!

  I used this camera strap on my Samsung NX300 camera. I think this scarf and camera are a perfect match. The camera is light enough that I don’t feel like theres ever something tugging at my neck, and since the back of the camera is one big touch screen, I can wrap the scarf around the camera, tuck it into my bag, and never worry about the screen getting scratched!


31st August 2013

I’ve been pretty interested in magic lately. So when Alex and I were trying to distract ourselves from our hunger while waiting for our food at Swingers, I asked him is he knew any tricks of his own.

Turns out that he’s a master of illusions! He was able to make water fall from the glass and magically reappear with the help of his assistant, who also was kind enough to bring us some tuna melts.

Remembering Outside Lands

18th August 2013

 Over the weekend, I fought the wind, fog, and rouge hackey sacks to shoot the music and art festival Outside Lands. I took lots of photos and heard lots of new music and tried the most expensive coffee! I was in charge of taking photos of the art that was curated by Juxtapoz and sprawled though out the festival, as well as centered on a triangular set of walls that had live painting going on every day.



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