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Norwegian Lovers!

25th March 2011

.Over Valentines day, I posted flyers all over New York and invited everyone to continue doing the same. I was SO happy to hear that my flyers made it to the amazing photographer Trine-Lise (and her partner in crime) all the way over in Oslo!!!

Aren’t they amazing?!

Her photography is amazing and I am SO happy to share them with you! If you’re able to download a .TIF file (or have a keen sense of design to make some of your own) then you should print out some flyers of your own and join us!

all photos by Trine-Lise Henriksen


24th March 2011

A damsel in distress

James’ token “mad dog” face

people who can balance all the weight on their shoulders

and make me laugh when it is the furthest thing from my mind

my perfectly good old shirt finding its perfectly good new owner

using new words with Skillit!

alternatives to handshakes

Classic charms that make me forget about bad days.

Pokemon shaped birthday cakes! (made by Genavieve White)


Plucking the essential things I love and playing material life Tetris with it.

Girl Scout cookie season!

Getting rid of things


17th March 2011

things tucked away, neatly

My friend Danny and his concern for me being on the West Coast. “Please take a trip back to New York before the radiation hits you and you become a Glowy Chloe”

Working out to the point of muscle atrophy, followed by some time in a tub of warm water

Being compared to otters

all of my homies for being so supportive of my lifes decisions and giving me awkward hugs when I cry

Riding the subway again. I didn’t realize how much I missed this prime people watching area.

little kids in onesies

Drawing on paper scraps

the “J” index of my phone contacts

  • This Bret Easton Ellis article on Charlie Sheen
  • My tax guy and his father-like involvement in my personal life
  • Holding the door open for strangers, and having them say “thank you”
  • Watching my friends hit on girls
  • Lavender soap
  • Late night grilled cheese sandwich parties
  • Being able to fall asleep on airplanes
  • Mega nerds
  • Mix cds


10th March 2011

.a list of things I love about life

friends with cameras
Public bathrooms that look like comic books, thanks to Jim Mahfood

cookie dough with lots of vanilla and a little kosher salt

making friends with romans

abandon photographs


single serving pink champagne

sharpened pencils

Having breakfast with friends AND total strangers (thanks to super creepy lurking mirrors at the 101 cafe)

Hotel rooms with balconies

Waffles that are as dense as cake

Funny faces



The New Standard

6th March 2011

My favorite kind of music covers have been jazzy renditions of pop music. Maybe its a nostalgia thing, since listening to my moms radio station meant hearing every song I knew being turned into a smooth jazz train wreck or perhaps I’m just sick of voices overpowering perfectly lovely music.

Either way, I feel like its been such a refreshing change of pace. Heres some brilliant bands that I’ve recently had on repeat.

I enjoy the Chad Lawson Trio version more, but couldn’t link a video.

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