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Pussy, Guns, and Heroin

28th October 2009

holy fuckwit amazing

Last week, Brooklyn Vegan let me take my favorite fancy Canadian and my camera on a pleasurable yacht ride along the river. Some would say that it was a night of cocktails, dancing, and beautiful music…

Fittingly enough, Bettina and her bag of curlers took refuge along grand piano and I spent the night having my bones beaten to a pulp at the front of the ship for a majority of it.

I was stoked to have gone to CMJs best show with the most fitting story.

EyehategodPig Destroyer, and Goatwhore fill a boat to capacity during an  torrential down pour and wreak havoc along the Hudson river.

So glad to see EHG and Goatwhore play and off of the personal perfect Pig Destroyer set list, only a few were left out. coughGravedancer, Pixie, Carrion Fairy, Phantom Limbcough

There were apparently a slew of drugs and fights happening along the ride but I guess that when I wasn’t looking at Mikes face, I was oblivious.

As represented 1:20 into this video (posted by William) from the night where, like a confused lab rat, I seem to have scurried in front of a very grumpy man right before an unfortunate/entertaining event.

More photos I took from the night can be seen here.


Black Eyes and Black Coffee.

1st October 2009

Saturday night I left work early to run home for my camera and shoot Rorschach downtown. It was an amazing show that I got to be a part of.

Then I went straight from there to a DIY venue in Brooklyn to shoot These Arms Are Snakes. The fan base was such a stark contrast but  the show was just as crazy in a completely different way that I still can’t pin point.

Rorschach, Ted Leo, and Celebrity Murders, New York, NY. Photos by Chloe Rice

I came home and drank 4 cups of black coffee while editing. Around 7am I looked in the mirror for the first time to notice not only the bags UNDER my eye, but also the one on it.

Black eyes and black coffee are indications of a night well spent.

blackeye A reminder of my weekend and cheap alternative to eyeshadow.

The photos from that night are posted on

These Arms Are Snakes, Brooklyn, NY. Photos by Chloe Rice

See the articles and more photohere and here

Glory Holes

6th May 2009


Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by growing up around Hungarian women who make a treat called Farsangi fánk, which is what I consider to be the perfect doughnut. Sprinkled with powdered sugar, it is a thin shell of sweet bread that is warm inside and nearly melts in your mouth. Its more than just that circular shaped  sugar bread that looks 10 times better than it tastes, at Dunkin Donuts.img_3440

After having started many days with homemade Hungarian doughnuts, Daily Donuts, California Donuts, and the next level treats from Voo Doo Doughnuts, I refuse to eat anything less.

This may be why I’ve spent nearly every morning this week stopping off at The Doughnut Plant.


The damn place is an adorably retro looking space filled mainly with racks and contraptions that i imagine could only be necessary for making doughnuts. It is in a corner of a strip of sad looking shops, and a photography shop that conveniently also repairs shoes. Its across the street from a housing project. If that scares you away from it, then good. You don’t deserve to indulge in a vanilla glazed doughnut, or a strawberry glaze made with real berries, or a square jelly doughnut dipped in a peanut butter melted sugar coating creating what is essentially a Peanut Butter & Jelly doughnut.


  • A big bonus: their decent coffee.
  • A slight draw back:the price. I believe the treats are 2.75 a hole.


All photos of Doughnut Plants 'nuts were taken by Chloe Rice
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