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I’ve Been Exposed!

23rd October 2011

The other night before heading back from Vegas, my friend Jeremy walked out of the dollar store to present me with a bundle of glowsticks. I kind of nervously smiled, expecting this to be the punch line to another playful stab at my raver past.

I asked him ”So, what’s the plan for those?” to which he responded with “I don’t know, but probably something awesome”

Trying to find a good use for glow sticks sounded like a fun challenge, so while driving through the pitch black desert toward Los Angeles, I decided to pull off to what was probably the most desolate exit in all of North America to try something I had never attempted with my camera, before. Drawing with light.

Everything that was said as we got further from any sort of civilization, fit the bill for being quoted in the horror film that would be made about us (ya know, just two ravers lookin’ for a place to party), later on:

  • “This looks like a good place to pull over”
  • “Did you hear that?”
  • “It was probably just a dog”
  • “I’ll go check it out”
  • “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

Another thing I said a lot for the first couple of minutes of showing Jeremy how to make a glow stick light up while twiddling with my camera was the term “bear with me”

It was the first time I had decided to play with long exposure so, like most things in my life, I learned though a couple of stabs at trial and error.

In order to achieve what I was going for, heres what I eventually switched my settings to:

I propped the camera on the trunk of car and made Jeremy stand in the road with the glow sticks so that I could use the manual focus, to find him. Then we just made some raver art!

(insert DJ unce-unce’s new dub-step album here)

Almost all of the shots were set so that we could hold the light, and flail around for 30 seconds, before the shutter closed. So we pretty much did the stereotypical things you would do if you were presented with this situation.

(from upper left, to lower right) Make a series of lowest common denominator shapes; tag your initials in the sky; do a fruity glow stick dance while your friend laughs hysterically at you for 30 seconds; and explain how cool nature is.

We also made several attempts at drawing the symbol for Jeremys band

I think looks pretty rad if you can see it like this instead of some buttholes floating in the sky.

Jeremy jokingly representing his being straightedge/ a documentation of the place where we found a buried treasure!

For spending an hour in the middle of a pitch black desert at midnight, I would say that we PAC’t in a a lot of fun.


2nd October 2011

I’m not going to be in New York with Charlie the pup for Halloween, this year. The only good part of this news, is that she misses out on being subjected to this outfit.

Costumes like this are reasons why I should never have children.

For about 10 minutes of pure amusement, I suggest clicking on this link.

Make Monday: A Shady Day Activity

26th September 2011

I recently sat outside of Macys and did some people watching, around sunset. People cast some pretty cute shadows!

Next time you’re sitting around a bundle of pedestrians during sunset, let me suggest a fun activity:

  1. Take photos of shadows
  2. print out the photos
  3. make your very own shadow monsters!

If you’re a total hermit, you could also download these photos that I took and not have to worry about making eye contact with strangers.

Download these photos here.

Pick It Up, Don’t Put it Down.

17th September 2011

Tease me all you’d like, but I will always love ska music. The kind the of ska that reaggae music later emerged from, not the white-kid-from-bakersfield kind. Well, actually, maybe I could indulge in a bit of that too but its besides the point!

The point it That I recently made a good ole’ ska mix for my friend who is a lover of doo-wop music. I put some of my favorite doo-wop sounding ska songs together and made a mix so lovely, that I felt I should share!

Download my Mod Ska Mix here

Otterly Adorable

9th September 2011

I think there was some point in my life that I was less than thrilled with life….this morning, maybe?

You know what? I really can’t seem to remember, now that I know this exists.

ho hum!

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