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Can’t Stand Ya

13th August 2011

Since Curb Your Enthusiasm began, most people have stopped relating to George and started relating to Larry.

I will always be a George due to the easily agitated and usualy unemployed aspect of his character .

Humble Castles of Artistry

13th July 2011

My friend Jim and many other amazing artists have decided to take Comic Con back from the corporate madness thats taken over by hanging out, drawing, signing, and selling their work at Trickster! Its a FREE venue directly across the street from that that convention center that they’ve been trapped in for so many years. OI!OI!OI!

The other week, I hung out while they made a very serious video to display what Mr. Mahfood is selling at Trickster this year.

Skate or Dye

8th July 2011

I didn’t take this photo. It was just the least offensive one I could find. Thanks, Tumblr.

You know what I ejoy? Tie dye.

Yep. I LOVE tie dye. Not because it seems to be a come-back fashion statement, but because its just a fun art project with no deeper meaning to it.  It’s a quick satisfaction to wrap cloth into rubber bands, dip it in colors, and unraveling a result. Throwing a plate when you’re mad may have the same effect of instant gratification, but some may argue that one is far less acceptable than the other.

This is the same reason I was a the Warhol of Spin Top markers, as a kid. It didn’t look good, but it was fun and had an instant and contained yet controllable result.

I know its impossible to find something that is quite as exciting as tie dye and spin top markers, but this skateboarding video comes pretty close, I guess.

The Pet and The Pendulum

28th May 2011

Why do people want pets or kids, when you can have a pendulum!!!

Is it weird that I find this cute? Should I be concerned that I may be forming an emotional attachment to weights on strings? Its better than being one of those weirdos who talks to their plants….right?

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