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How To Not Carve A Pumpkin

19th October 2012

I used to always say to myself “Judging by how poorly I stab a pumpkin in order to make a face, I would probably be a horrible murderer.” Thats about the time that I watched Blood Sucking Freaks and got totally inspired!

I grabbed a couple of drill bits, my drill, and a gutted pumpkin and ended up making a couple of fun pumpkin designs!

If you fail at that, punch a hole in that shit and you have a great excuse to wear a new hat!

tah dah! (photo thanks to the incredible Derek Woods)

Halloween From The Dick Smithsonian Vault

24th September 2012

Heres what I know about, makeup artist, Dick Smith:

  • Hes done the special effects makeup for movies such as The GodFather, Taxi Driver, and Scanners.
  • His website template was obviously stolen from a medical websites, which means that if you only glance at it, it looks like he wants to save you from dying of a physically crippling disease or from the mob.
  • The images from his 1965 Do It Yourself Monster Makeup Handbook, are some of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen, of how I wish everyone looked for Halloween.

Some friendly horror lover was kind enough to put the handbook online! It can he downloaded here(ish)

Fashion Stoped Making Sense.

18th September 2012

Remember when David Byrne wore a gigantic suit to be silly? Well, between Prada’s new ads and the Burberry prorsum capes presented at the latest London Fashion Week, it seems that fashion likes to get silly too!

Although I’ll probably never wear these coats out, I still like seeing them on tiny models. I would like it even more if they carried around little stereos to public events with them.

My Favorite Smile

7th September 2012

I LOVE this photo of jazz percussionist, Red Norvo. Like, so much. It looks like he just got surprised by the cutest puppy attached to 100 balloons. Or just discovered a 10 foot tall hot fudge sundae. (Yeah, so maybe I miss my dog and haven’t eaten sugar in far too long)Even though Norvo passed away in 1999, this photo still makes me happy for his happiness because its timeless and contagious.

Open mouthed smiles generally make me pretty happy. Even if they’re contrived and uncomfortable. Heres some that I took of my friends (and myself) that still make me giggle.

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