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My Handmade Heart Felt Toys

31st May 2012

I recently started dedicating more time to making new friends! I’ve made friends with a lot of things that some people may consider a nuisance or too scary to even imagine becoming friend with. Turns out that all they need is some love to be able to show you their softer side.

Their softer side happens to be made of felt and up for sale on my Etsy shop!

If you feel like you make have a good home for an abominable snowman, a fun adventure for a shrunken giraffe, a healthy home for some cavity filled teeth, or a clean watering hole for some lampreys, you should check out the new friends I’ve sewn together!

A Crafternoon Picnic

22nd May 2012

The other day, Radeo and I packed up some adventure supplies, headed over to Central Park for a crafting picnic!It was a little rainy, she used the skills that she gained from watching episodes of Man Vs Wild and I used the skills I got from years of obsession with Martha Stewart left us with the a fun tent friend to keep us dry!

We gathered a couple of thick broken pieces of wood and attached them to a sturdy low hanging tree branch. Radeo found some vines with leaves attached and strung them around the wooden posts. While she was doing the important grunt work, I saved the environment by cutting  some leaves of my own. I folded construction paper into 4ths, cut them to get 4 leaves per paper sheet, taped them into rows, then strung them to each other (and the tent) with thread!

The tent did a GREAT job at keeping us from getting to soggy in the rain.

It also gave us a place to observe young men who were canoodling around us.

Our picnic involved:

  • some peanut butter and jelly “sammies”
  • mimosa
  • gummy bears
  • chips and salsa
  • Milano cookies

I finally found a use for the iPad I got for my birthday when I realized the speaker is loud enough to play music off of.

My playlist involved a lot of:

Django Reinhardt

Talking Heads

The Clean

We were having a hard time telling this little lurking squirrel that he could come and join our picnic.
We tried speaking in our best nature voices and luring him with food on string (it works for fish!)

Finally we found out that he LOVED our pb&j sammies!
The gloomy picnicday was a nice premature start to our summer

Its a Wish List

14th April 2012

I should stop window shopping on the internet before I create any more imaginary scenarios where these things I want to own may be necessary.

Heres my current wish list.

Top left to bottom right: Inverted black diamond ring by Alex and Chloe which could also probably double as a weapon against very thin glass windows;   Bright white linens filled with the feathers of a goose or mother goose on a bed placed on top of a cold smooth concrete floor;    A pet that could eat me but won’t because it only exists in my imagination where all feral beasts talk like Pauly shore, love humans, and hate tv shows that are over an hour long;    A Makr canvas/ leather bag big enough to hold over 100 packs of Dunkaroos

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