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Pet Sweat.

4th March 2012

These sweaters from left to right are made by AcneFilippa K, and Acne again.

I wish I had more pets so that I could buy them big floppy knit sweaters, try to dress them up, have the revelation that imaginary pets don’t need sweaters (and although I don’t either, I’d still find more of a necessity for them than they would), then feel justified in keeping said sweaters for myself.


Advulture Time!

5th January 2012

Last month, Alex and I followed some mutant birds around New York as they went on a hunt for adventures! And what fantastic adventures they had!

They terrorized the post man and stole Amazon packages to remind them of their home land.

The found a good coffee shop for a mid day swoop-me-up

They slayed everyone that challenged them, at the arcade.

Luckily, I had my camera with me to document the things I saw. 

Shortly after following them, Alex ran home to paint what hes pretty sure vultures think about when they dream.

Tomorrow, in Oakland, we have a show displaying some souvenirs from our adventures in following some bird brained adventures. If you’re in the area, you should go check out  our photos and paintings!


A Small Collection of New Paintings and Photos by Alex PardeeChloe Rice

Zerofriends OAK Downtown Oakland

489 25th St. Right in between telegraph and broadway.

Friday Jan 6th between 6-9pm

Paper Cuts Over Perspiration

21st December 2011

The other day Alex and I were in my unheated apartment, shivering, with roughly a billion sheets of blank paper, a pair of glasses, the sun.

We were fucking FREEZING! Someone suggested getting a “sweater”(?) I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like a villain whos only power is to make you perspire. To which I say “Gross. No thank you.”

Anyways, out of desperation for heat, we nearly set the paper on fire but instead of being destructive, we found ourselves making the wiser decision to be constructive!

24 hours later, we had 100 copies of a ‘zine with the theme of “free”.

This free drawing lessons with Alex and free photos by me, along with free advice, free reviews, and free-dumb of speech and many other things are in our new zine!

Naturally, we’re giving them out for free on December 22nd (thats today, dummy!) at noon in front of Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY.

Come by and get one from us in the Free-Zine cold! Hopefully Alex won’t have turned into an Alexicle and I will still be known as Chloe and not Snowy, by then.

As fun as freezing to death as a result of creating fun things your friend sounds, we’d rather not be swimming with the jellyfishes quite yet.

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