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A Donutography Adventure

28th March 2012

I’ve been spending sometime in the bay area which is great except for the fact that, much like in New York, there is a lack of good doughnut shops in the area.

Luckily, Voodoo Doughnuts is a mere 10 hour drive away. So we packed up some faces, driving music, cash, cameras, and began the journey to Portland for the day!

Despite the lack of wind, the drive was a breeze.

No one got car sick

And we made sure that our first stop in Portland was Stumptown

for delicious foamy coffee concoctions

We got to Voodoo and kinda sorta patiently stood in the line outside adding decorations to the already crafty exterior of the building

and watching kids appreciate our efforts

If you don’t know about Voodoo doughnuts, here’s some fun random facts about it:

  • It opened in 2003, and since has expanded and gained two more Oregon locations
  • You can get married in the shop
  • When they opened their second Portland location, they had a parade that lead all the way from one location to the other
  • They used to have a doughnut that was glazed with Nyquil
  • They use local jam for their jelly doughnuts, which come in the shape of a voodoo priest doll and are delicious
  • The bacon they use on their maple glazed bacon topped doughnut, is made in heaven by happy pigs with soothing voices that sound like pan flutes and huge glittery pink skillets

The maple bacon (hidden in the right corner) and orange Tang sprinkled doughnuts (center) were my favorite before I tried the jelly one (left) and the Old Dirty Bastard doughnut (topped with chocolate frosting, crushed oreos, and peanut butter)(way in the back)

We made friends with our cashier

and gave her the money that we were afraid would otherwise fester in our pockets

I think this poor stressed crate was being WAY over worked

we got a lot of doughnuts.
and ate nearly all of them

the verdict was good.
He was so caught up in the joy of eating doughnuts, that I nearly got eaten by mistake.
And by “he” I mean the wolfbat, not his alter ego, Alex.


7th March 2012

The other day I got to go to the carnival! Well, a carnival themed restaurant at least.

Alex, myself, and a packet of googly eyes went for brunch at Straw in san Francisco.

I loved the mint colored ceiling and the creative use of mason jars

I fell in love with their creamy gritsand the waffle was delicious, tooit was so good that we totally stuffed our faces.

How to Make Spicy Pasta!

5th December 2011

The other day, Heather and I both had realized that it had been way too long since we cooked a meal. It turns out that cooking is an intimating thing to get back into so we decided to make it fun by sharing our recipes for a simple pasta dish!

Since Heather is vegan, I chose a simple, cheap, and vegan friendly recipe for a spicy pasta that I love. All of the ingredients work well at not overpowering each other and add enough flavor that you don’t really need to even add any salts, spices, or cheeses at the table.

Along with some extra virgin olive oil, you’ll need the following:

  • Start by peeling and mincing 5 cloves of garlic (I used a lot more because I LOVE garlic)

  • Take the seeds from the tomatoes and separate them from their juices

  • Break the tomatoes up into pieces, in the bowl (or chop them if you’re trying be civilized/ show off)
  • Strain the tomato juice into the bowl, disposing of all the seeds.

  • Heat up a pot on a medium heat.
  • Pour about 1/4 cup of olive oil in.
  • When the oil is hot, add the 5 cloves of chopped garlic.

  • When the garlic begins to sizzle, add the tomatoes and their juices.

  • and a large pinch of salt

  • Let the sauce simmer for 15 minutes on a low heat.

  • Then put the sauce into a food processor (or if you lack the proper cooking utensils an upright blender does the job) until it looks like less of a soup and more of a sauce.

  • Take 3 tablespoons drained and rinsed capers

  • and chop them up…

  • Take 1/4 cup of Italian parsley
  • Pluck the leafy part from the stems

  • and chop it up…

  • Same deal with the remaining cloves of garlic

  • and the olives
  • Into a heavy sauce pan over medium heat, pour 1/3 cup of olive oil
  • When the oil is hot, add 6 cloves of garlic
  • When that starts to sizzle, add 1 cup of the tomato sauce

  • Then add the capers, olives, parsley, and dried chile flakes.
  • And let it cook for 5 minutes

At this point, I add 3 chopped up filleted anchovies to give it a briny salty taste and let it cook for another 3-5 minutes. If you are vegan, I would suggest just adding some salt to the sauce at this point. If you’re just afraid that its going to make the sauce taste fishy, I promise you that it won’t so stop being a wuss and try it!

  • Take your pasta and throw it into boiling salted water for about 3 minutes.

Strain the pasta, add the sauce, and serve!

Its My Pho-vorite!

8th November 2011

A long time ago, during a trip to Los Angeles I stayed with an LA native who got violently ill. (I know. Its a horrible way to start out a story about food, but bear with me!)

She woke up violently ill and couldn’t eat or drink anything without wanting to bleach her guts, squish them into a wad, and throw them at the heavens!

At least thats what I thought, until around lunch time, pale in the face, she turned to me and announces “I need pho.” Starving, I didn’t question this..out loud. I said I would look up a place to go. She kind of laughed through the tinges of pain, and said that she could only eat pho from Pho Cafe. Everything else would only further her sickness.

Slightly confused, yet so fucking hungry I would have eaten that emotion if it were feasible, I said I would drive to this Pho Cafe and get us lunch. The directions led me into, what appeared to be an abandon strip mall with no signs to advertise any sort of miracle foods. But when I walked into one of these seemingly empty establishments, I found myself being greeted by a young polite server. I was in Pho Cafe.

Heres a list of the events that followed:

  • I ordered.
  • I brought the food to my ill friend.
  • We ate the “pho tai gan”
  • My life game changed
  • Her face almost instantly perked back up
  • We nearly floated and happy songs about food, sung by Stevie Wonder followed us for the rest of the day!

Heres the point of that story: Pho Cafe is more than just a Vietnamese restaurant. It changed the way I think of warm noodly soups. It cured my friends illness. PHO-R CHRIST SAKES, IT MADE STEVIE WONDER SING!

From that day forward, every time I’m in Los Angeles, I’ve made a point of having a meal there. I wish I could make you taste it, but all I can do is entice you with photos from my most recent time visiting the restaurant, with my friend Bee Jellyfish!

We started out with an order of the Goi Chon (spring rolls)

Then got the Pho Tai. It comes served with a mountain of fresh herbs, peppers, and sliced limes.

You can flavor it however you’d like.

Most people put hot peppers in their pho, but I like to douse mine with Sriracha sauce…

At the end of the meal. They give you a fortune cookie with some vague message that is supposed to be positively interpreted as compliment. I don’t even bother. I usually just smash it inside of the bag and think up my own pho-rtune.

My last one I made up was: God damn Chloe! You are a pho-bulous pho-cking pho-tographer

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