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How Tu-esday: Soft Kiss Cookies

21st January 2014

titleI’ve never considered myself a huge fan of the gingerbread cookie. Too flat and hard for me to bite into. This has never stopped me from eating them as soon as Christmas came around, though. I love the gingerbread flavor, but hated the texture and found that, even with the frosting that sometimes goes on a gingerbread man, its pretty bland. Thats when I pulled out my mixer and decided to figure out how to make a ginger bread cookie that I could bite into without feeling bored or breaking my teeth upon chewing. It took some time, but I eventually made THE most delicious batch of cookies…that I never wrote down the recipe for.

After years of making these cookies without a recipe, I decided it was finally time to get it down on paper. Literally!lables


I suppose you could use a plain old chocolate chips instead of Hershey Kisses. I also suppose you can own a Furbie instead of an adorable puppy. Hum a song instead of listen to it on full blast. Tweet your jokes instead of telling them to your real friends. BUT WHY!? Live life to the fullest! Use those kisses. Make some delicious cookies and eat most of them on your own. Enjoy!
yummy cookie


How Tu-esday: Make Party NYE Poppers

30th December 2013

popper_diyI made some party poppers in preparation for New Years Eve. They don’t pop, so I basically made little wrapped gifts in tubes for people to rip apart. How fun!

Heres how I made them.

you’ll need the following items:

things you'll needYou’ll also need some fun things to stuff inside of your party poppers. Since I’m making mine to celebrate New Years, heres some fun ideas of what to add:

  • good fortunes written down on construction papers
  • a lucky dollar to start of the new year with some financial good luck
  • gold and silver wrapped candies

Heres the step by step on how to construct these little treats: hole punch lots of fun colorful papers into confetti tape one end of your tube to your crepe paper, and roll it up tape it together in the center of the tube section twist one section of the crepe paper together and secure it with a tied ribbon

then add all kinds of fun little treats!

poppersTwist the other end and secure the entire thing with a tied piece of ribbon!

How Tuesday: Make a camera strap with a scarf

10th September 2013

Now that summer is officially over, Its time to get ready for scarf friendly season. I thought I’d show anyone with a camera and a bland camera strap, how easy it is to make your strap a bit more comfortable and fashionable!

  I used this camera strap on my Samsung NX300 camera. I think this scarf and camera are a perfect match. The camera is light enough that I don’t feel like theres ever something tugging at my neck, and since the back of the camera is one big touch screen, I can wrap the scarf around the camera, tuck it into my bag, and never worry about the screen getting scratched!


The Little Things…

17th July 2013

I’m spending the week in San Diego, taking photos for San Diego Comic Con!!! Every time I go to a comic convention, I get super inspired by how resourceful and creative people are with their work.

I didn’t grow up on comic books the same way a lot of my friends did, but I still love the idea of building worlds and making characters. So for this SDCC, I gave my imaginary cat a name and made her a book to tell you a little bit about her!

Her Name is Heartvey, and she loves to tell you about the things that she loves about life! She made a list of these things for my to draw out and so there is not a little zine to show the little things that she loves!

Since she loves summer treats and googly eyes, we decided to make an entire tiny care package to hand out to people at Comic Con, this year.

I made the text on the bag with gold stamp ink and a Martha Stewart stamp kit that I am currently a little obsessed with. I used origami paper and pens for the treats, and a xerox machine and a very sweet assistant, helped me get 100 zines done just in time for the convention!I closed each one with some colorful washi tape, and made a stamp of Heartveys head to set as a base for a drawing of her on the back!Each zine has a unique and original drawing of the adventures that Heartvey has gotten herself into!



How Tuesday: Make Chia Seed Pudding

9th July 2013

How Tuesday

One day while drifting through Whole Foods I came across a free sample booth that had a lady handing out what looked like tapioca pudding and going on about all the things you can do with chia seeds. It was reminiscent to Bubba Blue giving that never ending speech on shrimp, in Forest Gump. I couldn’t get her to fess up on how she made this delicious pudding I was trying, so I grabbed a bag of these seeds, headed home, and began experimenting on how to make it. I’ve tried it using all different kinds of milks, sweeteners, and extracts and I think I’ve finally made my favorite one. I’ve illustrated the recipe so that you can make it too!


It’s best to leave this mixture in the refrigerator for, like, 12 hours to get the best pudding consistency. Right before serving it, I like to top mine off with a little extra teaspoon of agave.

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