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Flashback Friday: CLINIC

28th June 2013

FBFCLINICFor my Flashback Friday, I didn’t go back too far to find Clinic‘s Bubblegum video. Just to 2010!

I was reminded of Bubblegum when the electronic sounding twang that echoes throughout the song got caught in my head, recently. Slow yet upbeat songs tend to get stuck in my head on days when it feels too hot to do things at the fast pace you feel comfortable with.

The songs great but the video is even better. It was done by Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney, who got nominated for one of those music awards that MTV still pointlessly gives out every year.

Flashback Name

Flashback Friday: 10CC

7th June 2013

According to my Insagram feed, all of my friends have turned back in to wee children with the ability to use the internet, orrrrr its Flashback Friday! I wish I could use this pointless term to post music on that feed and be the old grumpy person that says “remember when music was written and played well?!”

Turns out that I can! So for this flashback Friday, I remembered how great this song by 10cc is and wanted to share it with you! It starts off with a beat and riff that reminds me of one of my favorite Damned songs, the abruptly turns into something with vocals that make it sound like a less operatic Sparks song, and the way the guitar riffs trail throughout the song, makes it almost as powerful as a good Led Zeppelin ditty.

My favorite silly lyric:

“You know the art of conversation must be dying when a romance depends on cliches and toupees and threepes”

A threepe?! oh, hilarity.

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Monday Mix: Halloween Music!

22nd October 2012

I love that Halloween is approaching, finally!

Not just for the free candy, goofy made up subway goers, and the fun decorations. ITS ALSO A PERFECT EXCUSE FOR A HALLOWEEN MIX!

Last year, I was really excited about gathering a ton of music for my friends Halloween party, but I got distracted by Halloween Horror Nights, getting my grocery shopping done before I turned back into a pumpkin, and figuring out how to make foot high pink bunny ears that stay up while I jump.

This year, my life is much more in order and although my friend is not having another party, I’ve still started accumulating the music I meant to give him last year, through out the month. So heres a couple of the songs I’ve gathered, put into mix form for you!

Download my Ghost Town Mix here!

Fresh Squeezed!

10th July 2012

Let me start this post by stating something obvious to those around me. I LOVE Squeeze! Although their best known for the song Tempted, Squeeze has SO many amazing songs, albums, and members.

Squeeze went through many different members before breaking up around the time that I started taking a real interest in them. They reformed in 2007, and I’ve been dying to see them since I missed their show at the Beacon theater, that year, but have never been able to be in the right place at the right time.

One of my favorite games to play in the car is “Be Squeeze”. All it is, is turning on the 1st Wave station on Sirus Radio while vocalizing that I hope that they’re playing a Squeeze song on there at that exact moment. I’ve one this game several times, but have recently started cheating and playing this game with the Squeeze Pandora station! I pretty much win ALL the time!

I was recently listening to a live record of theirs on a bike ride in New York, and couldn’t contain my jealousy for the faceless wooing I could hear in the background. I wanted to sing along and be friends with these people who I probably have nothing in common with. At that moment, I was determined to see Squeeze and I knew that it was feasible.

I saw that they were playing in a town in California I’ve never heard of and decided that that would be the show. Alex has inadvertently become a fan and was excited to come along on my adventure with me! I flew out to California and we took a road trip to the small suburban town of Grass Valley to see SQUEEZE!!!!

We got into town a couple of hours early, and took in the sights.

It seemed like the town closes down early, during the week though, so we went to the venue to pick up my photo pass and sneak a listen of their sound check

I was already excited and I even got to get my photo taken with them, before they started!

The show was AMAZING! It was a really intimate show at a small venue with no other bands playing. That means they played two full sets, and I hyperventilated only twice.
I got to take some shots of them when they started, and between sets!
It may have been one of the most amazing nights of my night
When I lived in Los Angeles, I used to skim through records at Amobea a lot. Even though there was rarely any new Squeeze records, I would always go to the section to see this little free treat.

Put the Pedal To No Metal Music.

24th June 2012

I recently inherited a bicycle, just in time for summer. I’ve owned many bikes in my past, but none as thin and light weight as this one. It seems to make a big difference in how often I want to ride it. Which is all the time, by the way!

My favorite part of riding, has been going up inclines through the park. I love the struggle to make it up a hill that seems never ending. I love it because, when I do finally get to the top, I then get to enjoy the reward of going downhill as the wind cools me off and I stand on my pedals knowing that it is the closest moment I’ll ever come to flying.

Riding my bike has also given me a perfect atmosphere to listen to a certain kind of music that in other situations may come across as really low energy and kind of sad.

I made 2 mixes of music that I’ve been enjoying while I ride my bike. If you’ve been taking advantage of summer bike rides, maybe you’ll enjoy them, too!

Download my Uphill Mix here

Download Downhill Mix here

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