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Oh Joy! Too Legit

8th August 2013

I can’t count the amount of times in my life where I’ve seen people taking photo with or of the sign for the exit to the city of Weed, in California. Every time, I get a little confused as to how just that word is compelling enough to get you to unsafely stop the car, get out on the side of the highway, and have the valiance to ask a friend to take your photo with this metal heap. That thought obviously doesn’t make too much of an impact on me, judging by how instinctually I ask to stop the car at any given speed or moment. The last time this happened, was when some friends and I were driving home from an event in the woods and I spotted a sign for South Leggett. In my bestworst MC Hammer voice I made an awesomelyawful observation that that sign was So Leggett, that it could’t quit.  We all agreed to unsafely stop the car, get out on the side of the highway, and I valiantly asked out 5th passenger to take a very parent-loving 90′s rap group photo of us with this metal heap.

Sometimes when theres an opportunity to break up a mundane day with anything unique, its exciting to forget about caution and do a fly girl dance in front of it! I now love taking photos in front of metal heaps.

Heres some other things I love about life:

 when someone asks a general group for the time, and you’re able to respond before anyone else fashionable pets

walking dogs (thanks to Alex, for the lovely note that was on my desk when I got back from one of them) julienned kale salads hand-me-downs that end up becoming your favorite items finding abandon roomsLlama fonts, for when you want to say it in llama…




Oh Joy! The SDCC wrap up

28th July 2013

 I love going to comic conventions! Everyone dresses up like its halloween, theres mysterious lines that are always forming, and its a mecca of good finds for collectible items. A special part that I love about the San Diego comic con, is that its so close to the ocean, that I can constantly get fresh seafood! Heres some other things I love about SDCC (and life):

 walls of legos

 sitting on the same side of the table as your friends, at a big dinner sleeping on clean white linen sheets
 gloomy skies on hot days. Its like natures shade! bounce houses watching movies in empty movie theaters  balancing you feet on different uneven thingsdrawings on things other than paperdrawing on paper is still really great, thoughbeing read to making faces inside of masks and outside of masks giving out fun things for freespecial menus for special events recognizing subtle public displays of affection  finding a secret passage that makes it easier to S cape having a safe place to leave your things while you’re walking aroundhaving someone run their fingers through your hair frosty milkshakes on hot days when you remember to replace a plastic bag with a canvas one  when hotels put mints on your pillows going to shows in old theaters

piggy back rides

 wearing matching outfits Seeing people dressed as cartoons (especially when that cartoon is Gravity Falls) tiny giants pups that look like other creatures, like this panda pup finding a calm place in the middle of a hectic event and doing some prime people watchingfeeling like you can ask a question without being judged

Oh Joy! Birds, Pups and other Monsters!

11th July 2013

 A friend of mine in New York wakes up before dawn to take the subway. He said that, one day, he sat on the sparse subway cart of early morning commuters, when he noticed a pigeon roam into his cart before the doors closed him in. He stood very still and patiently waited for the next stop, where he got off and found himself on a completely different outdoor platform.

The next morning, he took the same train and noticed the pigeon bobbling onto the cart again. At this point, my friend tried to shoo him out so that he didn’t get lost again. The pigeon reluctantly left only to rush into the nearest subway doors before they closed. My friend watched the pigeon that he thought was trapped on the subway, the previous morning, and saw him in a different light that day. He noticed the pigeons beak nearly touching the closed doors, waiting for them to open at his stop. He acted just like any other normal subway commuter in NY. As if no one would notice that he was just a little gray bird.

He got off at the next stop, that day. He got on at one stop and off at the next for as long as my friend took the same train.

I love the idea of animals doing human things. I love that pigeons really are just a little lazy and a little determined at the same time.

Heres some other things I love about life, lately:

 Jumping out of happinessohjoyGetting real mail Having lunch with friends When dogs breathe through their mouths, because it makes them constantly have a smile on their face Tiny everything; When you can follow plane shadows on a flight

 Coffee and doughnuts When dinner is made into a dessert Being humbled every so often East coast sunrises Getting coffee and lessons on how to create monsters from this handsome hunchback
 Getting prepared for Comic Con!!!


  • Watching episodes of Black Mirror for the first time. I wish I could see them for that first time, all over again!
  • My little Ikea striped throw blanket that helps keep me warm when AC feels a little too cold
  • Impromptu picnics under shady trees
  • Seeing how happy dogs get to put their head out the window of a moving car
  • Running around in my sprinklers, whenever I start to miss the rain
  • This quick lunch recipe. I have big plans on making it everyday, based mostly upon its simplicity
  • Alexs new movie poster
  • MT’s Scandinavian summer collection of some of my favorite illustrators work
  • Marinating every meal in miso paste
  • This fun beautiful classical Hungarian song

Oh Joy!

6th June 2013

I got a bubble wand for $1.50, on a whim. I only intended to use it at the park to see how big I could actually blow them. Turns out the bubbles get so big and are so fun and colorful, that I couldn’t stop using them! My favorite place to use the bubble wand, has been at stop lights, while in the car. Nobody enjoys stopping, but it is a little more enjoyable when bubbles start floating passed you for no reason!

Heres some other little things that I’ve been enjoying in life, lately:
Fake floral things (like my Celia Birtwell skirt & origami ring!)

Reenacting scary movies in silly ways. (I would love for someone who works at Lush, to just come up to me and demand that I “put the lotion in the basket”)

Unintentionally matching outfits

Taking off shoes when entering a home, and seeing everyones socks

Ice skating in the summer timeThe feeling of warm rain on bare legsWaiting by the phone when you’re expecting a call from someone you loveFinding a shady spot to spend the day in the parkEating watermelon with a fork

Dogs in bags
Understanding my way around San Francisco, a little more all the timeFriends that just ooze with a unique personality When relationships evolve into entirely new chapters, within secondsWatching dogs try to maneuver with that satellite around their necks.Breakfast beverages

sunroofs! horseback riding, like city folk (and small children) dotaking a photo the minute someone blows air out of their mouth with loose lips.

Oh Joy!

18th April 2013

My friend Paul caught this photo of me spinning myself dizzy, in a big empty room that I found. I love spinning! Heres some other things I love about life, along with some recent photos I’ve taken:

When things don’t go as planned. Its what makes events into adventures!

Homes that smell sweet and welcoming

Putting a bottle of water in the freezer just long enough for it to form ice around the edges of the bottle, then drinking it as if its a glass of ice cold water!

fake flowers

Old California movie theaters that look like huge coconuts

pulling leaves off of artichokes

When a stranger catches you looking at them, and smiles.

When oranges look like they have belly buttons

Doing a handstand, successfully, for longer than 2 seconds

Gated walls that remind me of Mario

Spotting otters!

Urban Camouflaging

Getting super fresh popcorn at the movies

Hearing the strange out of place/era things people say while playing video games.

Outdated restroom decor
Bitting the tips off of strawberries

Jumping off stairs instead of using that last step.

Good/ bad puns…actually all puns

Portugal. The Man‘s fun live light show

decorating trees that missed out on Christmas

going to dinners where you’re greeted at your table by a honey bear

When the sky tries to use all the colors it can at the same time

  • Annette Funicello and Fishbone and polka dots!!!
  • Beauty is Embarrassing The super inspiring documentary about Wayne White, who constructed the puppets for Pee Wees Playhouse and makes those words over thrift store art painting. You know what I’m talking about…
  • Earls Sweatshirt- Woah
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