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Goodnight Irene

29th August 2011

Orlando, FL; Central Park, NY

Welp, walking outside was actually quite pleasant, the day after Hurricane Irene. I didn’t even bother taking photos of my neighborhood but heres some lovely landscapes I’ve taken photos of in the past!

Spahn Ranch in Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Marthas Vineyard, MA;  Sydney, AUS

Los Angeles, CA (Polaroid 600 Film)

I Continue to Exist!

23rd August 2011

My portfolio has been down for the month. It was a sad and stressfull month over at Oh Chloe HQ.  Actually not so sad. I’m off topicIts back up! is back up and functioning as my portfolio.

Do you like how it looks?

Do you hate how it looks?

Do you think theres any photos I should add to it?

Is it running too slow?

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I obviously still have a bit to learn about this page-less book.

A Warped Photo Review

10th August 2011

This is my friend Jay! Jay plays drums in a band called Against Me!, who are currently touring with a slightly eclectic bundle of other bands on this years Warped Tour. During a week where AM! was not on the bill and Jay was home from tour, Warped set up camp in Oceanport, NJ. And so, we went

I hadn’t been to a Warped Tour since the BMX aspect of it was still pretty relevant and Snapcase was still a band. We got there and reading the lineup, I had only, at most, heard of a small handful of bands on the list. Jay quickly became not only my tour guide around this portable camp site, but he was also pretty much my walking Wikipedia. Informing me of these bands origins, how long they’ve been around, what kind of crowd they drew, ect.

I took photos of my day as a fly on the Monster sponsored can of water. I was really excited to be able to

  • shoot bands in a very brightly lit, camera friendly setting
  • seeing kids play rock, paper, scissors to settle a fight in the middle of a pit
  • and to be introduced to new music that I would never listen to, otherwise.
Dear Owner of this car,
I love you.
August Burns Red
There were nearly 50 teenagers who had set up camp across a fence, to stare at rows of tour buses. Inside one of these buses,  they would probably find half the crew of The Devil Wears Prada gluing together Warhammer armies and listening to the Jane Doe album before their set. Apparently, this is a new form of meditation for them.
A Day To Remember, had the most ridiculous production  I had ever seen. They define a big headed band. Literaly. A 6 foot inflatable version of each of their heads was mounted up above the stage as they synchronized almost every motion they made. I thought this was a bit overboard, but after seeing the layers of photographers, event staff, and nearly every single Warped Tour attendee going apeshit, I soon figured out that I was the minority.

Lucero was probably one of the bands that was the most unique, style wise, of anyone on the line up. Like true southerners, they walked onto the stage barefoot, smoked cigarettes throughout their set, and made statements like “We may not be the best band here, but we sure are the drunkest”

I had a lot of fun shooting The Devil Wears Prada. From start to finish, they had the most energy of any of the bands I saw that day.

This band Sharks, was so good and played to this tiny row of kids. I’m really interested to see how different their crowd is going to be like once the start their tour with Title Fight in October.

Can someone explain the neon paint thing to me? I couldn’t find anything that indicated that there was a place where you could GET this shit smeared onto you. There were also very few guys who had it on them. This leads me to believe that it was nothing but an indication of where a girl was inappropriately touched, that day.

Oh Joy! (The hiding from the heat edition)

22nd July 2011

Judging how hot it is outside by ice cream and not thermometer.

when friends walk their bike in order to stroll with you

hair so blonde, it blends with walls

Roaming around air conditioned furniture stores and making myself at home on couches that belong to no one.

Slushie beverages!making silly faces

walking silly walks

pups with beards!

insects that look like belly button lint

Tea loving tee-shirts!

Magazine shops. I hope they exist forever.
Ice coffee in individual lager bottles!

always moving onto better things

people who take a love for pizza very seriously

The color green

movies in the park

plays on words

comfy beds with white linens becoming a spirt animal. I think mine would be a tamagotchi.

Shops that look like someones giant closet

when work can be done shoeless in a park

when things look much worse than they actually are

seeing Torche play live. Torche rules.

Just ask Jay!

or this interesting conservative!

Honorable mentions:

  • Lime Perrier
  • projects that involve being on the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Finally getting to see Death From Above 1979
  • Taking boats instead of subways
  • Speaking in fake accents for extended periods of time
  • Planning trips to Texas based around BBQ’s
  • Eating chips in hotel beds
  • Sending a postcard anytime a business offers them for free
  • Animals named after other animals. I know a cat named Chicken
  • Fraiser marathons on tv
  • being able to perfectly peel off a price sticker
  • Endives and hummus as a snack
  • Text messages that make me laugh in public
  • Hopping down the last two steps of a staircase

All photos were taken by Chloe Rice

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