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A Great Bar For Singles

24th March 2012

This is Larry Panoche. The owner of the Panoche Inn. The Panoche Inn is the only establishment in all of Panoche, a town that is about 13 bumpy miles off of I-5 in San Benito County, California.

When Alex and I walked into the bar shortly after our car broke down while exploring a ghost town about 2 hours into the mountians, Larry was cracking open peanuts from their shells and half watching a Lifetime movie on the old TV at the end of the bar.

He was pretty quite but open to our inquisitiveness and even invited us to one of the many BBQ’s he and his wife have at the Inn throughout the summer. The only problem is that we would have to find someplace to stay since the Panoche Inn is just a bar since the “inn” part burnt down a few years ago.

The entire bar houses a pool table, a couple of love seats, some taxidermy cats, some romance novels that are stacked on shelves outside of the restroom, and dollar bills. The place is completely covered in dollar bills.

One of these stories are true:

  1. Larry said that all the $1′s on the ceiling were from his days as a male stripper.
  2. Larry said that when they first opened, he had heard about that its good luck to stick a dollar bill on the wall. Then when a couple of bikers started coming in, they asked if they could do it too. Since then, its a tradition amongst bikers and people who pass through.
  3. Larry loves hoarding monopoly money and has no place else to put it.

We LOVED finding this gem of a place, and had to leave our mark

Vacation to Thrill Ville!

20th March 2012

A couple of days ago I found out about a magical universe that exists within a hilly part of Oregon right off of the I-5 highway called the Enchanted Forest.

Heres what I know about the Enchanted Forest:

  • you have to take a road called Enchanted Way to get there
  • the parking lot is large and houses a Transformer

Thats all I know about it because it was closed for the off season.Even more closed (despite what their tripod website advertises) is an amusement park called Thrillville located directly beside the Forest.

Guarded by nothing except for a broken fence and a very grumpy old man in a navy blue VW Bug, Alex and I went in to Thrill Ville and got to do the following things with out any lines!



and sit in cages

Off the Top of My Head

31st January 2012

  • I’m in a really old state
  • I’m jumping on rental beds
  • I’m not fashionable enough for the upcoming Fashion Week
  • I’m chewing on 10 tic tacs at the same time
  • I’m listening to Earls Sweatshirt
  • I could use another sweatshirt because I’m kind of cold
  • I’m really excited to fly away this weekend!


Indoor Activities With a Brunch of Friends

16th January 2012

I don’t know when I realized it, but I LOVE brunch time on weekends. The term “Brunch” always seems to make the eating into a full on activity and it’s the only time I get to catch up with my friends for the week.

Unfortunately, going out to eat anywhere on a weekend in New York, usually results in having my name on an hour long waiting list. Plus, I’m trying to stay on my “I need a new macbook” budget, and its kind of cold outside so all I want to do is hibernate.

The other week, my gripes about brunch resulted in an old favorite way of having breakfast at noon. Planted in front of the television watching cartoons!

It was such a nice morning, that I couldn’t wrist-ist sharing some photos from it.

I invited some friends over and asked them to bring cartoons and a box of cereal to share with everyone

for real. Everyone.

I highly suggest an indoor cereal brunch if you’re broke, have social anxiety, can’t get past the word “brunch”, or have been dying to have uninterupted conversations about Skeletor’s minions.

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