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Meeting with Matt

14th January 2012

Haaaave you met my friend Matt?

Matt has the ability to start up a conversation with just about anyone because he’s genuinely interested in their story. Heres some other facts about Matt Novak that make him a fantastic person. Hes:

  • takes long walks on busy highways
  • Is Cee-Los biggest fan
  • Used to have a job that involved hiring flash mobs and keeping nothing but a single ladder in a massive storage room
  • Was never stabbed in his sleep
  • Uses rare books at coasters
  • probably knows more about the history of fighting robots, than you
  • has a way of making sadness not so sad
  • loves movies about making movies
  • makes an awesome bruschetta

I asked Matt to fill this out last time he let me occupy his couch, in LA. As I was writing it out, he was writing out something of his own for me to fill out, as well. A comment card asking how my stay at Hotel Novak had been.

In case you were wondering, my stay at Hotel Novak was fantastic experience and I highly suggest anyone planning on visiting Southern California to check it out!

Matt Novak is a fantastic writer. The bluntness and sarcasm that builds him as a unique individual, is neatly tucked into his pieces. Hes found a niche in writing about past predictions of the future and currently writes for the Smithsonian.

Meetings with Jim

7th January 2012

I know its the weekend, and you’re probably over the thought of having meetings forever, but have you met my friend Jim?!?

Jim Mahfood is a rad artist living in Los Angeles

Jim is keen on:

  • dancing in public
  • mastering the art of playing “Happy Birthday” on the miniature harmonica
  • nicknaming his friends
  • going on food adventures
  • seamlessly blaring hip hop, jazz, and old punk records loud enough to start a party in his neighborhood
  • making killer mimosas even though he seldomly drinks them
  • the theory that its better to go back and find old music, than wasting time trying to discover new bands

I thought it would be interesting to write up a vague questionnaire for the people in my life to interpret as they’d like. So, while Jim and I were catching up, scribbling in our notebooks, and devouring milkshakes at Swingers, I decided to see if he’d like to be the first person to practice my ap-pal-ication idea with.

(side note: Jim typically refers to me as the Otter)

Along side making toys, comics, tagging bar interiors as a job, working on Tank Girl (!)and being an all around amazing friend, Jim also co-hosts The Beat Bees Sessions with Jane Dope! Its a podcast with the perfect mix of conversation and music (some of which is taken straight from my mixes. mmmmmhummmm)

All photos by Chloe Rice

All Wrapped Up

3rd January 2012

Happy new year! For me, 2011 was awesome! I got to travel and be introduced to so many amazing new people and new adventures and new music!

Some highlights (and photos I took) in 2011 included:

  • Walking around Chicago in the rain
  • Trying migas for the first time in Austin, TX
  • Jumping on tons of other peoples beds
  • Surviving the Rapture
  • Surviving Los Angeles
  • Having something I started in New York, get displayed all the way in Norway

  • Screaming until my throat burnt when Halloween came around
  • Having two of my photos put into a gallery show
  • Having my photo published in AP magazine
  • Teaching myself Illustrator enough to start playing with my food
  • Breaking my addiction to Puzzle Quest
  • Finally getting a big kid WordPress blog up
  • Creating the perfect cookie recipe

  • Learning the easiest and most efficient way to clean out a blender without a sponge
  • Finding fun things to make out of hand turkeys
  • Going to Disneyland twice!
  • Learning how to break open a sea urchin and eat its fresh delicious insides
  • Being introduced to Death
  • Learning how to curl my hair with a flat iron
  • Creating a fake religion
  • Learning how to let go of jerks

  • Learning to draw with light
  • Learning how to make .gif files
  • Embracing the humor from being sporadic and random
  • Being in New York for a hurricane scare, after having lived in Florida
  • Singing silly songs
  • Dancing silly dances
  • Videoing silly videos
  • Getting through hard times with the help of packs of cigarettes, whiskey, and Matt
  • Getting through my enjoyment for whiskey and chain smoking immediately after that
  • Renewing my passport
I’m SO excited about 2012. I’ve been compiling a list of goals for the year. Some are serious but most are silly. I did it last year and didn’t even realize that I not only accomplished almost everything I had written down, but I’ve become in love with the things I challenged myself to do.

One of my goals for 2011 was to order something off of a menu that I couldn’t pronounce. Because of this, I now LOVE guanciale! Now I always find myself ordering unknown things off menus.

Some silly ones for 2012 include:

  • Take at 10 photos with my 35mm camera that I’m really happy with
  • Try new teas
  • Make a new hoodie that fits me perfectly
  • Walk around barefoot in a place where I probably shouldn’t
  • Do a cartwheel in a different country
  • Make something fun with stop animation
  • Take pictures of intimidating strangers
  • Learn to use a pogo stick
  • Play hide and seek with a ton of people
  • Take part in an activity thats fun and will make it sweat profusely
  • Host an event that involves making invites and party favors

In 2011, I made a mix for myself every month. It consisted of new music that was shared with me, songs that I forgot how much I loved, songs that I could never get enough of, ect. The other day, I made 2 compilations of the music I pulled from those 12 individual mixes as an ultimate mix of songs that will remind me of 2011, to share with you!

Sweet Christmas

25th December 2011

This Christmas I tried making sugar cookies for the first time ever by following a Martha Stewart recipe. I don’t like sugar cookies but I LOVE sprinkles and frosting and playing with my food! I also love playing in snow, which we have none of yet so making the snowmen cookies in the photo above was way fun!

So was seeing the bundle of cookies I made for a friend be used as a loot bag.

Last night, I could hardly sleep because poor Santa got in a dispute below my window around 5am on his way up to my house, that didn’t end so well.

Couldn’t care less though because when I woke up from my cat-hater nap, I remembered that there were already gifts all around my Chris Mouse Tree. I couldn’t be happier about my new five dollar bill, mirrord name card, and Polar-Roid camera.

This Christmas season has been really fun and I can’t wait to start seeing more Christmas trees on the streets in the upcoming weeks!

Happy Holidays!

Jackie And Spencers Wedding

16th November 2011

Right as the seasons began to turn, I went up to a wine vineyard in Gardiner, NY to shoot Jackie and Spencers wedding. Everything about the wedding was beautiful, simple, and classic with small touches the DIY couples roots dispersed through out the set up, to show how unique their style really was.

Top row: Mason jars were painted with chalkboard paint, filled with flowers and placed on all of the guests tables as a marker to find their table. My favorite thing about this, was that at the end of the night, guests were encouraged to take the already packaged plants home.

Bottom row: Instead of presenting his vows to Jackie on a slip of paper, Spencer made a zine and read it to her during the ceremony. Each page of the hand sewn book included a vow, alongside a photo of them through out their relationship

The area where the wedding was held, was stunning. It was on a well manicured, spacious, open field surrounded by rows of grape vines. The property was a 10 minute drive down a narrow curving road that was lined by trees and mountains. I didn’t even know New York HAD mountains before that day.

It was difficult to believe that I was only about two hours outside of the city, and not in the English Countryside.

All of the catering was vegan; instead of exchanging rings, Jackie and Spencer got matching heart tattoos on their ring finger. When the time came, during the ceremony, to exchange rings, they used that time to make all of their guests give each other hand daps!

The best (and only) cake cutting wrestling match I’ve ever seen

The wedding really could have also doubled as a Fred Perry ad campaign

The bartenders, servers, and live music was all supplied by personal friends which helped keep the atmosphere really warm and inviting.

When the night began to wind down, the bride and groom didn’t immediately drive off to a suite somewhere. Instead, Jackie changed out her heels for her Frye boots and they both drove into the mountain with their friends and all the left over booze, to go camping.

I’m so glad I got to be part of this wedding!

All photos by Chloe Rice

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