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2nd September 2011

Let me tell ya, trying post on your blog from the wifi that you pick up from sitting on a bus stop bench, is about as difficult & time consuming as it sounds. So although this post should have gone up yesterday, it didn’t. Ooops.

I consider New York City my home. As in, the entire city. The bus stop is my office and the subway is my playground (as shown above). I’ve really loved the past couple of months of traveling and coming back to New York. Here’s some other things that have kept me happy, recently:

Watching my favorite movie, on the beach

Always knowing were my cell phone is

tiny zines

tiny photos

Puffy skirts, for they vaguely remind me of jellyfish!

Starting an armada of robots to abduct my friends for me.

Solid objects that resemble bubbles.

Drawing portraits of friends, with friends.

Having physical proof of my week

always having some type of camera on hand

Photo Booths!!!!

silly postures

Seeing ex-goth kids wear white

The look on the postal workers face as he had to write out my confirmation ticket

piggy back rides!

fresh doughnuts

Looking out of windows during rain storms.

Getting caught in the rain storms.


Wearing silly socks. I make sure to buy new silly socks every time I know I’ll have to go through airport security.

The color combination: red and blue

All photos were taken (and drawn on!) by Chloe Rice

With the exception of the top one & photo booths

A Fly On The Wall at the House of Off The Wall

31st August 2011

House of Vans in Greenpoint Brooklyn is a fairly new venue/ skatepark that had been putting on free shows, through out the summer. A few weeks back, Against Me! played along side Tokyo Police Club, Japanther, and something called Big Freedia.

I went and took some shots of the space during sound check.

Asking what this weird knobby thing, turned Jay, from Against Me, into a toootal nerd for about 2 minutes. Let me completely butcher the way he explained what it does.

Ahem…Apparently, you attach the bottom side of this torque knob to the screws along the side of the drum head and turn it until the arrow is lined up with the number that you want your drum head to be tightened to. I believe his were roughly between 20 & 25.

We took turns twisting the thing over each of the screws, and although it serves no purpose in my life, it was kind of fun to use.

Weak turn out, eh?

Big Freedia was the oddest group there, to say the least. The entire show was pretty swell, though!

A Family Trip to Spahn Ranch

30th August 2011

“Whatcha thinkin’ ’bout?” -Charles Manson

My friend Radeo and I are always up for an adventure. One of the things of my adventure bucket list was to go to Spahn Ranch, where the Manson family lived in the spring of 1968. She was way into this idea. I knew it was in Southern California and that it was probably blocked off to the public.

After a bit of research that brought us no more help than a google map could have, we began this excursion with only the following to help guide us…Seriously.

Manson follower, Tex Watson, drew this map of the area when they were living there. As ridiculous as it looks, its actually a pretty accurate!

This is Topanga, which is the main road before making the turn up to Old Santa Susanna Pass. We had to park the car in a church parking lot, jump a barricade, and hike for about 30 minutes into a wooded area full of prickly things in the grass.

There were a couple of weird forks in the road and creeks to Macgyver our way through, but we eventually found our way to the spot. It’s where George Spahn, the owner of the ranch, let the Manson family hide out in return for sexual favors from the ladies in the family. Its also where the family was introduced to the Beatles White Album, and the entire Helter Skelter came about for them. In 2005, the actual  house burnt down in a fire. Although there are some random rusted pieces of material all over the path, that actual site is just a beautiful quiet open field that is surrounded by trees and rocky mountains.

We made the most of the moment with the help of a Manson patch that’s sewn onto the back of my hoodie.

After a long day of walking in the sun, we packed up the family and headed to the beach.

Goodnight Irene

29th August 2011

Orlando, FL; Central Park, NY

Welp, walking outside was actually quite pleasant, the day after Hurricane Irene. I didn’t even bother taking photos of my neighborhood but heres some lovely landscapes I’ve taken photos of in the past!

Spahn Ranch in Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Marthas Vineyard, MA;  Sydney, AUS

Los Angeles, CA (Polaroid 600 Film)

Nice Weather We’re Having

27th August 2011

Hurricane Irene is about to make her way into New York City. I realized this when I saw that very authoritative hot pink tape decided to stop me, and many other New Yorkers from going into the subway. While speaking to my mother this morning, we had an extremely casual conversation about it.

Mother: “Seems like people are really freaking out on the news. Did you stock up on….what ever you need?”

Me: “I got a lot of water but I really just plan on watching Breakfast at Tiffanys and if the power goes out, I’m just going to take a sleeping pill and wake up when its light out.”

Mother: “Oh good. You should try to make it down to the wine shop before its too late.”

Keep in mind, we lived in Florida where hurricanes were a very common occurrence. We lived through an El Nino!

It was a relief to find that affirmation of humor. Its been days of hearing the increased annoyance in Mayor Bloomberg’s voice during hours of press conferences on the news, and seeing the unbelievably long and panic stricken lines at every open grocery store in town.

I live on the 16th floor of an apartment building and looking out the window this morning was like looking directly into a cloud. It. Was. Awesome.

I went downstairs to venture around which was a bit eerie, in a way. This area never deals with hurricanes and because of it, I don’t think they know how to. Everywhere I go and every news report I hear makes it seem like the apocalypse is coming.

Nearly all the water has been snatched up from drug stores, and all of the trash cans have been emptied and turned over until the storm passes.

There is no explaining how grossly humid it actually is, as you’re walking down the street. Its like bathing in someones breath.

Nearly every shop decided to close down

Except for my beloved Gray’s Papaya hot dog stand.
Oh Papaya, you are the ultimate New York establishment.

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