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Juxt a Preview

5th September 2012

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting a couple of artist profile photos for the upcoming Halloween issue of Juxtapoz magazine that’s being curated by Alex Pardee!

Gathering the photos for the magazine has made for quite a memorable month of adventures. I watched men turn into guilt ridden bats, drown in the middle of bone dry parking lots, and vomit up fluids the same color as a Barbie convertible.

Beyond being able to have my photos accompany interviews that offer a unique insight to super talented artists, I also have a 6 page layout of some of my spoOoOoOokiest Halloween photos. (“Spooky” is still a cute term to describe a mixture of silly and slightly odd, right?)

The issue is set to come out on September 11th, so pick it up!!!

If you simply are too excited to wait, Juxtapoz just put up a preview of the issue on their website!

My Wish List of Lady Bags

20th August 2012

At first, I thought I was the only person who had a bag obsession. Then I figured that maybe it was just a girl thing to love purses. But then, I captured these photos of Jorma and Skinner both looking lovely with their lady bags!

I figure, since we all love bags so much, I’d share some that I’ve been coveting lately.

Top Row: 1) Alexander Wang Mini Rocco Bag 2) Modcloth Suitcase Yourself suitcase 3) Modcloth How Striped Is Now handbag 4) Adeleshop duffle bag

Middle Row: 1)Givenchy Rottweiler clutch 2) Mens Leather toiletry bag 3) Aqua Leather clutch 4) Ticking Stripe clutch

Bottom Row: 1) Steve Mono fold up bag 2) Chevron Stripe iPad case/ clutch 3) Mini Kisslock coin purse 4) Converge Jane Doe tote

How To Navigate The Lomo La Sardina Flash. Laid Out in Black & White

18th August 2012

I’m a couple of rolls into using my Lomo La Sardina camera and am loving it more and more! Of all the rolls I’ve shot, I think my last roll of black and white film, may be my favorite of all the results.

I usually don’t care much for using the flash but unless you’re subject is burning alive in direct sunlight, I’m starting to realize the flash is pretty necessary for a distinguishable shot with the La Sardina. Thats fine by me, because I love the harsh look of flash on a black and white photo!  So I loaded up my toy camera with Kodak T-MAX  100 film. To be honest, I went in looking for 400, but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere I looked. (The diminishment of film accessibility has become so sad.) But I was really happy with the fuzzy, contrasted, and pretty erie looking results I got.

Shooting black and white was a good way to distinguish the differences in flash ranges, since it’s easier to focus in on just light without being distracted by if the color is being washed out. I tried all the settings and heres some examples of how they turned out, as displayed through my favorite male model!

Flash setting: 1/1

Flash setting: 1/2

Flash setting: 1/8

Flash setting: well, there was no flash on this one. I shot it right around sunset and had forgotten to turn it onto 1/8, which I’m glad I did because I like how evenly the light was laid out.

Heres what happened when I tried the photo again with the setting I thought I wanted. Not only did I not like the result, but I also had to treat Alex like he was on a reality show when I said “Hey, can you please act like you’re still looking in the window?”

Modeling our Chloe Rice & Alex Pardee shirt, as the sun photo bombed the shot..The sun also did a lovely job at photo bombing this photo from the Redwoods. I loved the warped bubble and the light leak in the bottom corner.

Why, yes! That is a 727 in the middle of a forest!

Dela-ware I Shot The Flaming Lips

12th August 2012

Ever since I worked inside of Milk Studios over the last New York Fashion Week, I’ve been incited by their lifestyle based blog, Milk Made. So when I was asked to go take photos around the first official Firefly Festival, in Delaware, I was excited to work with them again and maybe be able to document people having fun in a state that I had only previously associated with Waynes World.

The festival was great! Hot air balloons filled the skies and I periodically got to fly up in them to see confetti spewing from the stage and onto the crowd. The fair grounds had delicious unique food vendors, 4 main stages, and a cozy little forest that divided all of them. The forest was like a magical nap area for those who didn’t care to hear whatever music was going on at the time. They had used the trees to built a bunch of wooden swings and an anchor for several hammocks.

Firefly Fest was 3 days long and although it was great to see the bands, find grass wedged into my camera bag for the weeks that followed, and see the sights of Delaware, my favorite parts were making paper crafts, seeing old friends, and witnessing the Flaming Lips live. It was the most colorful, exciting live show I’ve ever seen! Heres some photos from my weekend in Delaware.

While I was there, I made the largest functioning paper airplane I’ve ever made!

I met tons of girls that looked like the came out of The Wizard Of Oz

A lot of the musicians yelled and threw things and although I loved that…some of my friends did not.One of the food vendors sold a delicious combo of chicken and waffles and nobody got fat afterwards…because of all the arm raising exercises that were involved in the festivities!

The festival was full of wild animals and rare flowersand rare cases of missing pants!Wayne must have been warned of there scary rarities ahead of time, because he kept his personal bubble with him through out the entire festival.

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