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A-May-zing Birthday Wrapping Up…

28th May 2012

Ok, so my birthday may have started in Grand Central, but it continued for a week!

We hung my birthday banner…

And threw a party, everywhere

and lit wishing candles all over the city, that week!

And when the candles got too beat up…

we simply got some more!

And when those candles started a fire that was a little too big….

we just made safer candles!

and the forest thankful for not being burnt

And I was thankful to be with the lady I love

And the people I love

but I felt like one was missing

Thats when James brought me a present…A very big present!

And I lived happily 27 years afterI’m so happy with the way things are that it’s fucking sickening.

Oh, sorry. I mean it’s just regularly sickening… Are you exhausted from all my birthday posts?

This guy sure is….

Donut Forget That My Birthday Happened

27th May 2012

On May 10th, I took a break from my life full of unbirthdays, in order to have my ACTUAL birthday!

I’ve had some pretty fun birthday months, in my 20′s.

and although nothing can take the cake, this one took the doughnut and everything else!

At midnight on the 10th, Alex came into town, clutched his new laptop briefcase, and took me into my favorite place for late night quiet time/ daytime people watching.

Grand Central Station! Now, its given that I think Alex is the MOST pulchritudinous, but he is also most mindful and creative of all the retired break dancers in the land!

We got to the station and found a place on the floor to call our own. Alex then spun a series of numbers on his very serious looking briefcase. When the lock released, it was like he had placed a set of springs underneath a ton of party supplies. Birthday candles, cone shaped tiny hats, 5000 glittery bouncy balls, party blowers, a dinosaur banner, Robocop trading cards, imaginary friends, and more all flew into my lap in the middle of Grand Central Station.

They shut down all the Krispy Kremes in New York long ago, so he brought me a glazed one from California and lit candles. By this time, nearly all the late night commuters, homeless people escaping from the rain, and the cops who were alarmed by the flaming donut all gathered around our birthday party bubble and soon, this group of transient misfits were kind enough to sing me Happy Birthday! As soon as the strangers realized there was no fire, and no extra doughnuts, they dispersed and we continued our people watching party.

After the treats were eaten and given, it was time to make my new age official by signing a certificate of authenticity.

I now declare myself as 27 years of age! I also declare myself as possibly too blonde, lover of Pepsi products, supporter of old ladies with tiny dogs, and lucky to be surrounded by the people, pets, and plants in my life.

A Crafternoon Picnic

22nd May 2012

The other day, Radeo and I packed up some adventure supplies, headed over to Central Park for a crafting picnic!It was a little rainy, she used the skills that she gained from watching episodes of Man Vs Wild and I used the skills I got from years of obsession with Martha Stewart left us with the a fun tent friend to keep us dry!

We gathered a couple of thick broken pieces of wood and attached them to a sturdy low hanging tree branch. Radeo found some vines with leaves attached and strung them around the wooden posts. While she was doing the important grunt work, I saved the environment by cutting  some leaves of my own. I folded construction paper into 4ths, cut them to get 4 leaves per paper sheet, taped them into rows, then strung them to each other (and the tent) with thread!

The tent did a GREAT job at keeping us from getting to soggy in the rain.

It also gave us a place to observe young men who were canoodling around us.

Our picnic involved:

  • some peanut butter and jelly “sammies”
  • mimosa
  • gummy bears
  • chips and salsa
  • Milano cookies

I finally found a use for the iPad I got for my birthday when I realized the speaker is loud enough to play music off of.

My playlist involved a lot of:

Django Reinhardt

Talking Heads

The Clean

We were having a hard time telling this little lurking squirrel that he could come and join our picnic.
We tried speaking in our best nature voices and luring him with food on string (it works for fish!)

Finally we found out that he LOVED our pb&j sammies!
The gloomy picnicday was a nice premature start to our summer

My Kodak Moments

5th May 2012

I’m so glad that there’s almost always been a camera around to capture some of my lifes most captivating adventures but ever since Kodak filed for bankruptcy, back in January, I can’t help but be a little stressed that soon some of these moments may not exist in the same way.

However, my optimistic mindset has kept me thinking of how to make the most out of what little time I may have left with a dumb ole’ plastic camera. So with disposable Kodak camera , a consistent sugar high, and a vivid imagination, I spent the past couple of months taking in some Kodak moments. Heres three of my favorites for my personal album:

The moment that I met the very photogenic Michael Jackson.

A moment from when I got captured by a demanding bear with a fetish for PDA.

And the moment in which I realized that I will never be able to look up someones pants.

A Donutography Adventure

28th March 2012

I’ve been spending sometime in the bay area which is great except for the fact that, much like in New York, there is a lack of good doughnut shops in the area.

Luckily, Voodoo Doughnuts is a mere 10 hour drive away. So we packed up some faces, driving music, cash, cameras, and began the journey to Portland for the day!

Despite the lack of wind, the drive was a breeze.

No one got car sick

And we made sure that our first stop in Portland was Stumptown

for delicious foamy coffee concoctions

We got to Voodoo and kinda sorta patiently stood in the line outside adding decorations to the already crafty exterior of the building

and watching kids appreciate our efforts

If you don’t know about Voodoo doughnuts, here’s some fun random facts about it:

  • It opened in 2003, and since has expanded and gained two more Oregon locations
  • You can get married in the shop
  • When they opened their second Portland location, they had a parade that lead all the way from one location to the other
  • They used to have a doughnut that was glazed with Nyquil
  • They use local jam for their jelly doughnuts, which come in the shape of a voodoo priest doll and are delicious
  • The bacon they use on their maple glazed bacon topped doughnut, is made in heaven by happy pigs with soothing voices that sound like pan flutes and huge glittery pink skillets

The maple bacon (hidden in the right corner) and orange Tang sprinkled doughnuts (center) were my favorite before I tried the jelly one (left) and the Old Dirty Bastard doughnut (topped with chocolate frosting, crushed oreos, and peanut butter)(way in the back)

We made friends with our cashier

and gave her the money that we were afraid would otherwise fester in our pockets

I think this poor stressed crate was being WAY over worked

we got a lot of doughnuts.
and ate nearly all of them

the verdict was good.
He was so caught up in the joy of eating doughnuts, that I nearly got eaten by mistake.
And by “he” I mean the wolfbat, not his alter ego, Alex.

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