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5 Things Eye Love

14th October 2012

I love lots of things. Usually their pretty obtainable things that are already in my life, like:

  • googly eyes that stick
  • seeing blue hair dye bleed into the tub
  • the dude attached to the beard behind me!

but sometimes I just like looking at things that I know I can’t have and admiring them for what they are. Like eye candy, I guess….except I’ve told myself to stop eating so much candy so I don’t even want to talk about it. Actually I do. I want to talk about sugar along with 4 other things that I’ve been in love with for the past couple of days.
Smores ice cream cake. I’ve been trying to kick the habit of sugar by looking at pornographic photos of sweets, saying “I want that”, then going straight to google image search for “diabetic toes“. It usually works, but there still seems to be no amount of rotting flesh that is gross enough to dissuade me from this cake!!!

Jielde Lamps. After I finish up my current job, I’m diving into making my new house into a home. Until then, I’ve been waking up and looking at other peoples houses to get a little more inspired.

The one reoccurring accessory that has been catching my eye has been these incredibly resilient French Jielde lamps from the 1950′s. They’re simple and industrial, yet they seem to have a personality to them. It’s as if they’re always lurking over your shoulder saying “hey….whatcha’ doin’?”. If I ever get one, I would probably name it Claire.

New Single Mothers video! I love this Canadian band and this video looks just like their singers throat probably does. Messy, congested, and spliced to hell. Although this sounds like a cluster of things that aren’t exactly appealing, the fact that all this is happening and yet you can still understand what hes saying the entire time, makes a huge impact on why I like this band so much.

FLAMINGOS! I recently went on a trip where I got to watch 15 flamingos hanging out with a couple of vultures that were building a fort for no reason, and fell in love with their amount of weird. They spend all day just digging their broken looking beaks into their wings that are the exact same pale pink as half of the bathrooms in south Florida. They look like tall vultures with an eating disorder and major cleaning OCD. color. I love them. I love them so much that I’m getting 40 plastic ones to put in my yard.

I also love this photo by Ron Magill of the flamingos finding shelter in the Miami zoo, right before Hurricane Andrew.

Pablo Picasso’s constellation sketches. Besides the fact that he was one of the first artists I ever learned about, I have no real attachment to Picasso the sad blobbly ladies that he paints. I thought I didn’t care for him at all until I recently stumbled upon these simple and almost cartoony sketches that he did occasionally from 1928-1931. Connecting dots with thin lines is always so fun looking!

My Wish List of Lady Bags

20th August 2012

At first, I thought I was the only person who had a bag obsession. Then I figured that maybe it was just a girl thing to love purses. But then, I captured these photos of Jorma and Skinner both looking lovely with their lady bags!

I figure, since we all love bags so much, I’d share some that I’ve been coveting lately.

Top Row: 1) Alexander Wang Mini Rocco Bag 2) Modcloth Suitcase Yourself suitcase 3) Modcloth How Striped Is Now handbag 4) Adeleshop duffle bag

Middle Row: 1)Givenchy Rottweiler clutch 2) Mens Leather toiletry bag 3) Aqua Leather clutch 4) Ticking Stripe clutch

Bottom Row: 1) Steve Mono fold up bag 2) Chevron Stripe iPad case/ clutch 3) Mini Kisslock coin purse 4) Converge Jane Doe tote

The Sea Wood Is The Worst Wood You Can Call Someone.

8th August 2012

I recently said that I was planning on shooting only film on my entire drive up from Oakland to Portland. Alex and I gave ourselves an entire extra day to plan out a drive up the coast, and through the Redwoods. Going through that area of a forest is way too vast and incredible to capture in a photo. Knowing this ahead of time, I challenged myself to leave my digital SLR so I wouldn’t be distracted by twiddling with settings in the middle of the most massive trees on earth!

Instead, I carried only a point and shoot with color film, and my La Sardina stocked with black and white film. I:

  • saw the biggest trees
  • felt the biggest gust of wind when I stuck my head out the sunroof to take photos on the road
  • got kissed by the biggest mosquitoes
  • gave the biggest hugs to the cutest seal
  • met the biggest baby black bear that crossed our path while we were trying to find the Rockerfeller Loop in the forest.

When we left the woods, we decided to take advantage of the last hour or so of daylight and perfect weather, by finding a beach to doodle at, during sunset. Growing up around Atlantic coast beaches, the idea of going to the beach was only half as exciting as the thought of just stretching my legs and scribbling out silly characters with Alex, but once we  parked along the blurred ground that divided rich dirt and pebbled sand, somewhere around Orick, CA, I was completely transfixed with my surroundings.

The only thing dividing a huge forest of trees and a fresh lakes of water, from an uninhabited beach of tiny peppery grain, little sand crickets, and crashing waves, was a thin mist of fog. We sat on the only piece of driftwood around, and helped incubate the turtle eggs that were nested underneath us. I don’t know how to avoid sounding like a hippy when I say that I will never underestimate the beauty of nature and an unknown beach again.

Waiting to Wait

30th July 2012

35mm shot during a lovely drive up to Portland

Alex and I are about to embark on another drive up to Portland. This time, to go see Dave Correias first solo show on August 2nd at Upper Playground!

I’m beyond excited, not only for the show, but also for the drive up! Every time I make that drive, someone insists that next time I should take interstate 101 instead of the quick usual I-5. So we are! Its apparently a beautiful scenic route and no one displays that better than these amazing family photos from one of my favorite foodie blogs The Little Red House.

Its helped inspire me to use only film cameras the entire drive. I’m prepared to take the photo and not know what I get, because I’m most excited to enjoy our mini vacation/ celebration. I basically can’t wait to wait.

I Google.

26th July 2012

photo of my googled brunch endeavors by Sam

If theres one thing that I’ve learned about myself this year, its that I LOVE GOOGLY EYES! I love sticking them on everything and giving them to my friends to help encourage them to see faces and personalities in inanimate objects. My most recent silly googly eyed additions include:tattoos

props seeing refuge
and friends!

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