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Celling Myself Short

5th July 2011

I’ve found that I usually carry 3 cameras with me at all times.

  • a DSLR
  • Polaroid
  • iPhone

I hate to say it, but sometimes my phone (with the help of Instagram) takes some pretty decent photos. Sure, they all capture a moment in a different way. They all convey a different feeling, when I look back on the moment. A shot from my DSLR makes every moment seem dramatic and rich. On the other hand, a polaroid makes a moment more personal and difficult to convey in the straight forward way that my DSLR can.

The photos from my iPhone are unique. They display an image in a way that is new and different and so easy to manipulate without very much effort at all. Its the quickest camera to whip out and also the least intrusive. People don’t tense up in front of a cell phone the way they do a camera. And beyond that, its sometimes fun to be able to see what I’m about to take a photo of without pressing my eye against a view finder.

I have a growing archive of cell phone photos that remind me of a moment that would otherwise be lost in my memory of a larger picture of the day or week or month. I feel like, good or bad, these little things in life usually keep us moving forward. Heres some cell phone images that I’ve taken that have done just that, through out the month of June.

First row: 1) Passing a closed down business on my way to work 2) cutting lumber inside of an room mean wearing a mask to stop me from inhaling wood particles. Thats right, lung infesting termites. Go fuck yourselves 3) After months of trying to hunt down the Lake Street Creamery ice cream truck, I finally got to try donut ice cream…followed directly by the California Zephyr ice cream which I liked better. Don’t judge me. I was a depressed girl! A fat depressed girl.

Second row: 1) After seeing Scribes art opening at 1988 Gallery I woke up to find this little momento tagged on the inside of my cigarette pack 2) One of my favorite things about Oaks coffee, is their blank cups. AJ drew this gem for me 3) Smo is an amazing animator who, while visiting me in Los Angeles, took a tour of his companies west coast studio, Titmouse.

Third Row: 1) AJ and I woke up at an ungodly hour and began to walk around Los Angeles making a stop into California Doughnuts. Worst coffee ever. If you urinate in it, it may be bearable, though. 2) There was about 2 days where my life looked this organized. 3) Does this really need an explanation? Because I don’t have one for it.

First row: 1) Matt and I went to Disney. He taught me that if I stopped moving out of the way for people, that they will usually move out of the way for me! This theory excludes small children. 2) A week full of taking the train in Los Angeles was fine, until my New York based boss mentioned “Isn’t it strange that they would build an underground system in a place prone to earthquakes?” 3) We were all trapped in a box on a different coast

Second Row: 1) aj. swingers. yes. 2) There was a professional leg waxing session in my kitchen. 3) Lurking on my friend as he did an interview before a show

Third row: 1) Jim drew himself, Gum, Rachel, and I during a debate about the Robocop statues significance on Detroits tourism. Serious issues, as always 2) Rachel and I finally made it to the Fairfax Trading Post after months of failed planing 3) Smo drooling coffee from inside Iron Man

Men Are From Mars, Men Are From Venus

26th June 2011

Dearest Mitch and Cam,

I’m sure that you’ve heard the news that New York has legalized gay marriage. Isn’t that exciting?!

Although I am living in Los Angeles, much like you guys, I’m a very proud New Yorker at the moment! Now, I know that you only exist through television, but you are my favorite gay couple and if the passed prop convinces you to go up to New York to take the plunge, then please allow me to accompany you, show you the sites, and arrange the entire ceremony.

Today is the gay pride parade in the city and by being in California, I’m missing out on taking some really amazing photos. Don’t let me miss the chance to take some amazing wedding photos, as well.

your friend,


This letter was addressed to the characters in ABC’s program Modern Family.


26th May 2011

Heres a little list of photos I’ve taken and things that I love about life, lately:

minimal PDA between people I love
Jumping in front of dead peoples houses‘ and have it not be completely disrespectful

Playing the role of an otter to crack open my lunch! (photo by Sean Seanson)

Deceivingly delicious foods

Coincidental photographs

Listening to my music loudly

Taking a stressful day, compressing it into a short list, and using it for a fun game of Madlibs

Laying on long grass and shaking off that mysterious grass itch, when you get up

Drinking while being submerged in water

unlikely camouflage

Sitting under a sea of tiny bubbles with a mask and a snorkel on

When a weekend involves a combination of mimosa and polaroids

Having a copilot for long drives instead of a common passenger

Eerily similar yearbook photos

two toned nails
Adventures to Spahn Ranch (photo by Radeo)
Being cheered up though the assistance of good friends, wireless internet, and children’s toys
roller coasters


Why, hello!

18th April 2011

Photo by Bee Jellyfish

BOO! I’ve gone missing! Well…sort of….

Not to assume a majority of people are interested in knowing my personal business (nor do I find a real itch to share all of it) but I have gotten some friendly emails asking where I’ve gone.

In short heres the turn of events that I’ve gone through in April, thus far:

  • I moved out of my much loved loft space, and parted ways with my much loved room mate and our much loved internet

My previously mentioned and loved room mate James

  • FedEx moved my material life over to Los Angeles and JetBlue gave me another month to soak up the things I love about New York and rub in my face (along with my grandmother) that this cross country move may be a very wreck less quality-of-life decision.
  • For the month of April, I have had no internet connection from the couch I temporarily live on.
  • The only thing that seems to connect me to the world of 1′s and 0′s is the Twitter app on my phone
  • Turns out that I hate Twitter. I hate when friends retweet peoples replies to their mundane posts, as if to show off something that they can’t seem to see is completely insignificant to someone that IS NOT THEM! I hate waiting 3 minutes for a 3G network to load a link to decipher a cryptic message, only to find that it is a picture of a cat.
  • So with that being said, I have stopped looking at my phone, and  started running errands by walking around the city and absorbing as much of it as I can.
  • I’ve been spending every available moment with whoever I can, because there is no way to fill the void that there will be once they’re not in my daily life anymore.
  • I gave Charlie, my dog, to my grandmother because the thought of taking someone she loves away from her, along with me, is just too heartbreaking.

Being away from the internet has given me so many creative ideas. I can’t wait to share them, once I’m more settled in my new place, in May! Until then, here’s some photos taken durring my month of absence. a self portrait from my room, on one of my last days in my loft

Inside this bag is another bag, which held a shoe box, which held Alfie (my 3 year old snakes) body. He died  in an accident involving too much heat, under the care of a snake sitter. He had a viking burial. Bee and I held a service and sent him out into the East River.

I have never seen one of my closest friends, Smo, work so hard on anything the way hes worked on the animation for the second season of the Adult Swim show SuperJail. It has been airing on Sunday nights since the beginning of April.

We’re all really proud of him. (photo by Genavieve White)

Thanks for taking the jumping photo above, and for letting me post this embarrassing moment of yours

Don’t worry. Now Genavieve jumps with more caution…and head gear

After losing my phone to the pits of my bag several times a day, I went to a friend in Chinatown and asked her to make me an iPhone case that wouldn’t blend in with my things and get lost. Mission accomplished. I haven’t misplaced the damn thing once, and every time I answer my phone in public, I get looked at as if I’ve stolen a teenage girls phone, from Harlem. LOVE it!

I’m really going to miss New York and all of the grime and venerability that it has offered me as inspiration.

The New Standard

6th March 2011

My favorite kind of music covers have been jazzy renditions of pop music. Maybe its a nostalgia thing, since listening to my moms radio station meant hearing every song I knew being turned into a smooth jazz train wreck or perhaps I’m just sick of voices overpowering perfectly lovely music.

Either way, I feel like its been such a refreshing change of pace. Heres some brilliant bands that I’ve recently had on repeat.

I enjoy the Chad Lawson Trio version more, but couldn’t link a video.

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