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ohJoy! The Los Angeles edition

24th February 2011

I’m updating from Los Angeles! So things that I love, would have to include being able to wear dresses, while my friends in New York are stuck in the snow. Is that mean? It seems like it may be a little bit mean…..

Heres a list of things I love about life, right now:

Pretending to travel places. Although the airlines didn’t let me onto my flight to Thailand, I had a Thai adventure by getting a Thai massage, eating thai food, and walking through Ko Samui via google earth.

talking typewriters!

Tiny cabbage on a stick. Thanks for the meal/ vicious clubbing device, nature.

shoes that my my feet look dainty

A thick foam on a latte.

Fruit that looks like balls

Making magic happen with the help of my computer

Fresh fruit all throughout winter

My photography being used for James’ gallery example

Finding The Clashes cover of one of my favorite songs, Pressure Drop, on vinyl at Amoeba Records.

these grocery bags by Makr. (photo from Makrs website)

Enzo Mari’s designs

Honorable mentions:

  • Homemade Cheez-its
  • Instagram (my name on it is ohChloe)
  • Episodes. Watched the entire season in a day. Something about seeing other realistic people trying to deal with being in LA, is comforting.
  • having old sitcom theme songs stuck in my head
  • wearing big hoodies and warm socks on a rainy day
  • driving cars that are made for super heros
  • sushi nights


6th January 2011

I used to do a “Things I Love Thursday”, except I guess I called it ohJoy…and it wasn’t usually on a thursday.

It was just a list of things I loved about life, when things were really bringing me down. Unfortunetly, it would take me so much time to think up enough things to love about life, that it was a rarely done.

This year, I’m going to try to make a goal of just being able to write down and take photos of more positive things, more often.

Heres a list of things I’ve loved about 2011, thus far.

fish cakes in my ramen

letting my hair grow

waking up next to a cuddly dog

real friends who dress like imaginary friends

having my hair done on an otherwise average day.

fresh challah bread from the bakery to make french toast (with nutella)

bubbles in my coffee

finding interior in inspiration in unlikely places. (my future bathroom will soon look like the locker room from Shutter Island)

food wrapped like presents.

weekly family dinner nights

Seeing this guy who is obviously from the abortion ad on the train, stand around with his girlfriend, uncomfortably.

having the first meal of the new year, with some of my favorite people.

This song because it’s beautiful.

He always sounded like he was drinking champagne on a train and wise to the ways of the world.”

-Tom Waits talking about Teddy Edwards. (Also beautiful.)

other honorable mentions:

  • strangers saying “happy new year” in passing, all over New York
  • snowball fights
  • when friends from different parts of my life, end up becoming friends
  • extra olives in martinis
  • japanese eraser toys
  • Putting Annie Hall on repeat while I’m sick in bed. I’ll pass out and wake up to something that makes me smile, no matter what part of the movie is playing.
  • being reminded that I’m missed
  • Pushing Daisies or any program that involves narrative story telling, for that matter. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events, ect…

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