Post New Year Post

3rd January 2013

Happy new year (or new bear)!!!

Although theres nothing that feels too different about 2013 yet, celebrating it is fun because it makes people reflect and think up ways that their lives can be even more exciting in a mere couple of months! And although new years resolutions are rarely brought into fruition, I love the idea of having them. Goals are pretty neat…

Every year, I’ve made a list of things, both silly and serious, that I would like to accomplish. This year, I started jotting them down in a brand new composition book and I’m really excited about starting to cross things off of that list!My goals for 2013 include:

  • Send postcards when I come across them
  • learn to sew a zipper
  • learn how to use Illustrator
  • make an awesome soup from scratch
  • learn to draw a brain
  • visit a brand new city
  • mark an average day, as one worthy of a special occasion
  • learn a new recipe
  • learn a new trade
  • don’t come in last at bowling
  • make a portrait of someone using construction paper
  • eat something green, everyday
  • write out my favorite part of my day, at the end of it
  • learn all the words to a rap song
  • wake up early enough to watch the sun rise
  • sleep outside at least once
  • make a video using a digital camera
  • dedicate a day to taking a photo an hour, once a month
  • save up for something I’ve really wanted
  • customize a pair of shoes
  • write a letter with my left hand
  • discover a hidden treasure
  • do a cartwheel in a different country

I’m really excited about both the present and the future!

How about you??

Happy Old Year

29th December 2012

I’ve had such an amazing year!  The only thing that was kind of crappy about it was when Alex Pardee and I, wrote our initials next to each others, literally combining our initials into C.R.+A.P.

see what I mean?!

I put tons of miles full of adventure on a car, exhausted the shutter of my camera, and created tiny holes in my teeth with all of the tasty treats I probably shouldn’t have eaten. I’ve made personal goals for the year, and even though I didn’t happen to reach all of them, I’ve done so much more than I could have even imagined, at this time last year. And who knows, maybe 2013 is finally the year I get to to a cartwheel in a foreign country.

Heres a little recap of some of my favorite memories of 2012:

I got to take a a road trip out of Nevada, and not too far outside of Las Vegas, stopped over at an abandon water park and made a friend! (link)

Its true. Once I discovered the joy in being able to give inanimate objects a personality with nothing but 2 eyes that actually look nothing like real eyes, there was no turning back. I googled ever thing and even made a tutorial on how to google your headphones! (link)

During the winter, when it was too cold to venture out for brunch, I had some friends come over and join me for a brunch that consisted of cereal and cartoons! (link)

In the fall, I was invited to shoot New York Fashion Week on behalf of the website Tumblr. I had lots of sleepless fun getting access to all of the places within the tents that I hadn’t been able to shoot, in previous fashion weeks. (link)

On a drive down to LA, Alex and I drove a long way off of I-5 and ended up at the only/ raddest establishment in all of the town of Panoche (link)

It wasn’t easy to get a hold of a label maker, but once I did, I began carrying it around in my purse waiting to find the perfect opportunity to make every day life a little sillier.

One day, Alex and I went grocery shopping with the intention of finding the messiest foods to throw at a painting he did and would soon after frame, for a Weird Al art show! (link)

Speaking of playing with food, I came as near to starting a band that I ever would with the help of a Sharpie, an Apple fritter, and a creative helper. (link)

Speaking of doughnuts, I will probably never forget the food coma I fell into after Alex and I secretly drove from San Francisco to Portland, one night, in order to get our favorite VooDoo Doughnuts. (link)

I spent every opportunity I could, to stack up all of the rented pillows, and jump from one full sized bed to the other, during all of my overnight trips through the year.

To avoid getting stuck in the rain, in Central Park, Radeo and I combined our survivor skills and created a tent that no one could compete with. (link)

I was in New York, during Hurricane Sandy. The only casualty of the weather, was a pair of my favorite shoes. (link)

I turned 27 this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday week of festivities. Alex flew into New York at midnight, on my birthday, with a birthday briefcase. Which is a briefcase full of banners, party favors, sweet treats and just about anything else a girl could ask for to help make an impromptu birthday party all along New York City! (link 1) (link 2)

I got to partake in some premium people watching at this years San Diego Comic Con. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, see bands on a boat, and eat one of the most perfect meals of my life! (link)

One of my only road trips out of New York, was for an adventure to Delaware for a job shooting a 3 day music festival, for Milk Made. I hadn’t expected to be so blown away by The Flaming Lips, but I was. It was most likely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. (link)

I went to the Redwoods for the first time, found the park with the biggest trees of all, and even met a bear for the first time! (link)

I was lucky enough to not only have a spread of my photography in Juxtapoz magazine, but I also got to shoot some incredible artists for the magazine, as well. (link)

This year I became my boyfriends girlfriend, and we started our team adventures in what can only be referred to as “our own private I don’t know”!

Other memorable moments of 2012:

  • went on some of the grey-test dates of my life
  • had a hand drawn map guide me through the New York Public Library
  • saw the Refused play twice in a week

  • Got a visit from James, and got to take him to Disney Land for the first time
  • met Katie Sokoler and got embarrassingly nervous, like in the way I may have it I were 10 again and she were Devon Sawa.
  • got this cute photo of Charlie and I taken by Katie Sokoler
  • brought the photobombing stingray to NY Comic Con
  • got my first root canal
  • got food poisoning for the first time in my adult life

  • tried seared mackerel sashimi
  • tried real wasabi
  • drank all of the chocolate cocoanut water
  • loved Indie Game: The Movie
  • loved The Imposter
  • loved Django Unchained
  • loved Wreck It Ralph
  • made Alex watch a bunch of old musicals for his first time
  • went ice skating with Alex for his first time
  • saw Sabrina in the theater
  • saw Texas Chainsaw in the theater
  • saw Jaws in the theater

  • got to take photos for Disneys tumblr page Through The Looking Glass.
  • went to SLC for Sundance and Dave & Alex’s show
  • got to see AND shoot my favorite band, Squeeze!
  • moved across the entire country
  • went in my first hot air balloon
  • watched every episode of Breaking Bad in less than a week
  • had an Advulture Time art show with Alex
  • got my super fun La Sardina camera
  • heard David Sadaris sing like Billie Holiday
  • was featured in Cut Out and Keep
  • was featured on Milk Made (with a guest appearance by Charlie the pup!)
  • walked around Seattle in the cold rain
  • learned how to use water color
  • played so many games of cards with my grandma
  • saw how jelly beans were made

  • got to ride around the WB lots, in Burbank, where I did not meet Ellen
  • had the all time best burger ever
  • found an airplane in a forest
  • had my first Christmas stocking
  • and christmas tree (so what if I made it out of Xbox cases)
  • redesigned my website/ portfolio
  • voted
  • after years of living out of a suitcase, I finally have a place for myself and all of my things. I feel at home, for a change and I’m excited to see what this change of pace leads me in 2013.

A Traditional Eves Eve

24th December 2012

I’m spending my first christmas on the west coast, this year! Growing up, my favorite Christmas things to do were:

  • ice skating in Rockefeller Center
  • going to see the Radio City Christmas Show with my grandma
  • playing in the snowy parts of the street that were fenced off for trash bins, since those were the parts not yet soiled by dogs.

Despite the fact that I’m in warm California, I’ve already covered those Christmas traditions the best I could:

  • Alex and I went ice skating at an outdoor rink in our neighborhood
  • You could now watch the Radio City Christmas Show on Netflix, and feel like you’re in New York from anywhere!
  • In California, they call their snow “rain” and there was a ton of it to run around in, this weekend.

And I’m starting to make new ones in my new home. The two of us are celebrating our little Christmas, on Christmas Eve. This means that Christmas Eves Eve was pretty significant thing to document.

I watched Christmas movies, decorated cards, wrapped gifts, cuddled pups, made dinner, stitched stockings, and drove around looking at peoples intricate house lights.

I like the idea of traditions. Starting new ones and sticking to old ones. Do you have any holiday traditions, of your own?

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