Thank You

22nd November 2012

I’ve been having one of the most exciting and inspiring years of my life, and every day I wake up excited about what I’ve accomplished and what the future holds.

I wish I could say “thank you” to every person, place, and thing that makes me smile through out the day but I think that if I looked down on my shoes and said something like “thanks for staying tied, old friends!” I may be considered simply mad instead of happy!

I am thankful for so many things in my life. The following, to name a few:

To the feeling I get from finding a record I’ve been searching for.

Having overall good health.

The internet, for helping me remember peoples birthdays.

Feeling loved and appreciated.

The time I get to spend with my grandma.

Helpful people, phone reminders, and cheap tupperware that helps me stay organized.

Having the most helpful, creative, silly, caring, supportive best friend and companion in my life, every day!

Flipping a note book open to the exact page of notes I was looking for.

New York Public Access Chanel

My obedient adorable pup, Charlie.

Fresh coffee

Thick mugs that keep my coffee warm

Every hug I ever recieve

Airplanes for getting me anywhere I need to go.

Googly eyes, for being able to give everything a personality.

Thinking up a goal and achieving it.

Steal toe boots for keeping me from stubbing my toes all day long

Getting good access to great shows.

Big comfy sweaters for acting more like blankets, when I fall asleep on the couch.

Picking the line at a shop that I think will move the fastest, and it actually does.

Having hair that I can turn into fun colors

Being able to order burgers without buns, at In n Out

To four more years of feeling like my lady rights are being tended to, as an American.

Finding new materials to make forts out of.

My hands, for facilitating me to work and make hand turkeys!

Some other honorable mentions:

  • friends who let me know when I’m making stupid decisions
  • fully charged electronics
  • super fast laptops
  • automatic log ins
  • sharp scissors
  • Twilight Zone tv marathons
  • My Neighbor Totoro on a rainy day
  • white rooms with natural light
  • mild fall days
  • my family and I being safe through a hurricane
  • lavender soap
  • someone who laughs at my jokes
  • the fake laughter in sitcoms, when I can’t be around the real thing
  • the band Squeeze
  • gas stove tops
  • the amount of documentaries on Netflix
  • fresh laundry

How To Make a Fancy Xylophone

19th November 2012

One of my favorite places to look for trinkets, is party stores. They usually have bins full of throw away toys that are usually no more than 3 bucks for the more high end stuff, like a set of three spring formed goggly eye glasses. I recently picked up a little musical instrument and had SO much fun with it. I learned how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, and other classic hits. Now that I was playing such sophisticated songs, I figured it was about time for people to take my xylophone a little more seriously, too. Which is why I turned it into a xylocrome! It was super easy! Heres how I did it:

All you need are these things:

Burger Kings

17th November 2012

I’ve spent a fair majority of my adult life searching for the best burger in the whole wide world. I thought I found it when Sam and I ventured into Corner Bistro in New York, after hearing it weaved into an episode of How I Met Your Mother. That was true until Alex took me on a date one night and I discovered Flora burger in Oakland, CA. Most possibly the best burger I’ve ever had. They season it with salt and pepper and minced parsley and top it with an aged cheese and serve it perfectly rare, every time. Alex and I must have talked up this burger pretty highly, because when we were hanging out at the Zerofriends shop, planning on stopping by Flora, a group of our friends we were with agreed to join us!

We all sat down and I remembered that the tables at Flora, were lined with long sheets of paper. I distributed pens around and we all started drawing our own versions of a hamburger, while we waited for our real burgers to be served. It was funny to see what everyone thought up and put down with a couple of crappy ball point pens, uneven paper, and 5 minutes before the food showed up. No one just drew a burger. They drew rock star burgers beyond a sea of hot dogs, overpriced burgers, and story burgs boards!

I drew the ice-burger that really sunk the Titanic

and caught Dave and Marissa perving out over my nudie pen.

The food eventually came, and like every time I get something warm to eat, I devoured my burger before I could get a chance to take a picture of it and post it on the internet to show off my gluttony. Its probably for the best…

Good Sprits

14th November 2012

Have you met my ghost friends? I made them in hopes that they would do a good job at spooking people for Halloween, but they’re just little ghosts with short attention spans, a love for:

  • the New York public transit station
  • bodega owners
  • male models
  • climbing trees
  • and the equally as legless Starbucks logo! Despite they’re resistance to scare people, I still think they’re pretty ghoul cool.

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