31st August 2013

I’ve been pretty interested in magic lately. So when Alex and I were trying to distract ourselves from our hunger while waiting for our food at Swingers, I asked him is he knew any tricks of his own.

Turns out that he’s a master of illusions! He was able to make water fall from the glass and magically reappear with the help of his assistant, who also was kind enough to bring us some tuna melts.

Remembering Outside Lands

18th August 2013

 Over the weekend, I fought the wind, fog, and rouge hackey sacks to shoot the music and art festival Outside Lands. I took lots of photos and heard lots of new music and tried the most expensive coffee! I was in charge of taking photos of the art that was curated by Juxtapoz and sprawled though out the festival, as well as centered on a triangular set of walls that had live painting going on every day.



5 Faces of Outside Lands

13th August 2013

 I spent my weekend in the Golden Gate park taking photos of the music and art festival Outside Lands. Its the perfect amount of outdoorsy-ness for me. Theres constant music, nice people, and artisan food vendors and every turn to go along with the woodsy atmosphere.

I have tons of photos I’d like to share from the festival, but for now, heres 5 portraits I took though out the weekend!

Oh Joy! Too Legit

8th August 2013

I can’t count the amount of times in my life where I’ve seen people taking photo with or of the sign for the exit to the city of Weed, in California. Every time, I get a little confused as to how just that word is compelling enough to get you to unsafely stop the car, get out on the side of the highway, and have the valiance to ask a friend to take your photo with this metal heap. That thought obviously doesn’t make too much of an impact on me, judging by how instinctually I ask to stop the car at any given speed or moment. The last time this happened, was when some friends and I were driving home from an event in the woods and I spotted a sign for South Leggett. In my bestworst MC Hammer voice I made an awesomelyawful observation that that sign was So Leggett, that it could’t quit.  We all agreed to unsafely stop the car, get out on the side of the highway, and I valiantly asked out 5th passenger to take a very parent-loving 90′s rap group photo of us with this metal heap.

Sometimes when theres an opportunity to break up a mundane day with anything unique, its exciting to forget about caution and do a fly girl dance in front of it! I now love taking photos in front of metal heaps.

Heres some other things I love about life:

 when someone asks a general group for the time, and you’re able to respond before anyone else fashionable pets

walking dogs (thanks to Alex, for the lovely note that was on my desk when I got back from one of them) julienned kale salads hand-me-downs that end up becoming your favorite items finding abandon roomsLlama fonts, for when you want to say it in llama…




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