Before You Migrate To Google+…

14th July 2011

So, I recently submitted this photo to Chrome to win a new camera and a Chrome bag and I could use some help. Its a vote based contest on Facebook, so before you cancel your account for Google+, perhaps you could “like” my photo on this page.

If I win, I’ll post use the video function of my new camera to thank everyone while a slew of naked girls with small puppies dance behind me.

That must appeal to everyone, right?

Heres how it works!

Clicking here, gets you to the page

Click on the “this is my city” album

Scroll down until you see this photo of Gala splashed in color, say to yourself “goddamn, I love that photo!”, and “like” it….please?

I’d like to think I could win but this photo still has far more votes than mine.

My friend won something from Chrome for hula hooping and chugging a beer. Maybe I didn’t submit something mindless enough.

Humble Castles of Artistry

13th July 2011

My friend Jim and many other amazing artists have decided to take Comic Con back from the corporate madness thats taken over by hanging out, drawing, signing, and selling their work at Trickster! Its a FREE venue directly across the street from that that convention center that they’ve been trapped in for so many years. OI!OI!OI!

The other week, I hung out while they made a very serious video to display what Mr. Mahfood is selling at Trickster this year.

Not So Terrible Tuesday

12th July 2011

It seems that people dread Mondays and deal with a mid week struggle of Wednesdays, but lets be honest. Tuesday is the real worst day of the week. Its the day that is simply there to remind you that you’re not even half way to the weekend.

I’ve decided that I’m going to have a fantastic Tuesday, despite the fact that I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep since the weekend and all odds are against me. I’ve decided I’m going to wear a summery dress, walk to all the places I need to go taking photos along the way, and listen to the mixes I made last night.

You can listen to them too, and set a mood for you’re day, as well!

Download Volume 1

Download Volume 2

all photos by Chloe Rice

Doodle Artist

9th July 2011

On my most recent flight, I discovered my OCD love of drawing spirals. I opened my journal, and drew out one…then ten.. then I just kept drawing them into one of the only things I know how to draw from memory. A mushroom cloud.
Retrospectively,  it may have been the wrong choice of things to draw on an airplane in mid-flight, but I’m much prouder of that little doodle than I would have been of my other choice. Which would have probably been something pretty neat, like a cat or a ying yang symbol.

Skate or Dye

8th July 2011

I didn’t take this photo. It was just the least offensive one I could find. Thanks, Tumblr.

You know what I ejoy? Tie dye.

Yep. I LOVE tie dye. Not because it seems to be a come-back fashion statement, but because its just a fun art project with no deeper meaning to it.  It’s a quick satisfaction to wrap cloth into rubber bands, dip it in colors, and unraveling a result. Throwing a plate when you’re mad may have the same effect of instant gratification, but some may argue that one is far less acceptable than the other.

This is the same reason I was a the Warhol of Spin Top markers, as a kid. It didn’t look good, but it was fun and had an instant and contained yet controllable result.

I know its impossible to find something that is quite as exciting as tie dye and spin top markers, but this skateboarding video comes pretty close, I guess.

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