Oh Joy! The SDCC wrap up

28th July 2013

 I love going to comic conventions! Everyone dresses up like its halloween, theres mysterious lines that are always forming, and its a mecca of good finds for collectible items. A special part that I love about the San Diego comic con, is that its so close to the ocean, that I can constantly get fresh seafood! Heres some other things I love about SDCC (and life):

 walls of legos

 sitting on the same side of the table as your friends, at a big dinner sleeping on clean white linen sheets
 gloomy skies on hot days. Its like natures shade! bounce houses watching movies in empty movie theaters  balancing you feet on different uneven thingsdrawings on things other than paperdrawing on paper is still really great, thoughbeing read to making faces inside of masks and outside of masks giving out fun things for freespecial menus for special events recognizing subtle public displays of affection  finding a secret passage that makes it easier to S cape having a safe place to leave your things while you’re walking aroundhaving someone run their fingers through your hair frosty milkshakes on hot days when you remember to replace a plastic bag with a canvas one  when hotels put mints on your pillows going to shows in old theaters

piggy back rides

 wearing matching outfits Seeing people dressed as cartoons (especially when that cartoon is Gravity Falls) tiny giants pups that look like other creatures, like this panda pup finding a calm place in the middle of a hectic event and doing some prime people watchingfeeling like you can ask a question without being judged

I Love Collecting Photos Of Strangers

27th July 2013

I love taking photos of new people because I everyone is so unique that every photo I get that I’ve never gotten before is as fulfilling of a collection to me as stamps are to old men and police reports are to Amanda Bynes.

 No matter how many times I do it, theres always something exciting and scary about taking photos of strangers. I never want them to look contrived and I hate the rejection of someone saying that they don’t want their photo taken. Actually, I think its not the rejection as much as its the difficulty I have restraining myself from trying to convince them that they look awesome and should totally have their face or hair our outfit or laugh documented at that very moment, and instead just saying “oh, okay. Sorry then” and moving on. Its a really fun practice of interaction every time I shoot an event. I’m in a room full of people that are aware that they’re going to be looked at and are prepared (and even sometimes excited) to have their photo taken! It’s liberating!  The last event I got to shoot was for the opening of artist Sylvia Ji’s Mexican Textile inspired show that the FFDG Gallery in San Francisco. The bay are is full of real fun characters and I got to collect shots of a lot of them, to share in my own way!

 Check out some photos I took from the event on the FFDG site!

Pretty Things from Comic Con

26th July 2013

SDCC Pretty ThingsThe last day of Comic Con was nearly a week ago, but I’m just getting home and starting to unpack all of my fun Comic Con loot! One of the things I love most about the San Diego Comic Cons, as opposed to other calmer comic conventions are all of the toy and art booths that only travel out for this one con. As a result, I got lots of cute non-comic related treats, freebies, and memories to bring home.
Pretty Things 1tiny happy hot bun / Mary Blair drawn record / exposed tummy cat crackers / laughs / Jermaine Rogers prints / fat duck fan
Pretty Things 2Rocky Horror record / Holbein art supplies / tour of the Adult Swim fun house / GeGeGe no Kitaro finger puppets / La Dubla zine / Jason Edmiston cd and stickers

The Little Things…

17th July 2013

I’m spending the week in San Diego, taking photos for San Diego Comic Con!!! Every time I go to a comic convention, I get super inspired by how resourceful and creative people are with their work.

I didn’t grow up on comic books the same way a lot of my friends did, but I still love the idea of building worlds and making characters. So for this SDCC, I gave my imaginary cat a name and made her a book to tell you a little bit about her!

Her Name is Heartvey, and she loves to tell you about the things that she loves about life! She made a list of these things for my to draw out and so there is not a little zine to show the little things that she loves!

Since she loves summer treats and googly eyes, we decided to make an entire tiny care package to hand out to people at Comic Con, this year.

I made the text on the bag with gold stamp ink and a Martha Stewart stamp kit that I am currently a little obsessed with. I used origami paper and pens for the treats, and a xerox machine and a very sweet assistant, helped me get 100 zines done just in time for the convention!I closed each one with some colorful washi tape, and made a stamp of Heartveys head to set as a base for a drawing of her on the back!Each zine has a unique and original drawing of the adventures that Heartvey has gotten herself into!



Oh Joy! Birds, Pups and other Monsters!

11th July 2013

 A friend of mine in New York wakes up before dawn to take the subway. He said that, one day, he sat on the sparse subway cart of early morning commuters, when he noticed a pigeon roam into his cart before the doors closed him in. He stood very still and patiently waited for the next stop, where he got off and found himself on a completely different outdoor platform.

The next morning, he took the same train and noticed the pigeon bobbling onto the cart again. At this point, my friend tried to shoo him out so that he didn’t get lost again. The pigeon reluctantly left only to rush into the nearest subway doors before they closed. My friend watched the pigeon that he thought was trapped on the subway, the previous morning, and saw him in a different light that day. He noticed the pigeons beak nearly touching the closed doors, waiting for them to open at his stop. He acted just like any other normal subway commuter in NY. As if no one would notice that he was just a little gray bird.

He got off at the next stop, that day. He got on at one stop and off at the next for as long as my friend took the same train.

I love the idea of animals doing human things. I love that pigeons really are just a little lazy and a little determined at the same time.

Heres some other things I love about life, lately:

 Jumping out of happinessohjoyGetting real mail Having lunch with friends When dogs breathe through their mouths, because it makes them constantly have a smile on their face Tiny everything; When you can follow plane shadows on a flight

 Coffee and doughnuts When dinner is made into a dessert Being humbled every so often East coast sunrises Getting coffee and lessons on how to create monsters from this handsome hunchback
 Getting prepared for Comic Con!!!


  • Watching episodes of Black Mirror for the first time. I wish I could see them for that first time, all over again!
  • My little Ikea striped throw blanket that helps keep me warm when AC feels a little too cold
  • Impromptu picnics under shady trees
  • Seeing how happy dogs get to put their head out the window of a moving car
  • Running around in my sprinklers, whenever I start to miss the rain
  • This quick lunch recipe. I have big plans on making it everyday, based mostly upon its simplicity
  • Alexs new movie poster
  • MT’s Scandinavian summer collection of some of my favorite illustrators work
  • Marinating every meal in miso paste
  • This fun beautiful classical Hungarian song

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