A Love Train

14th February 2010

I happen to have had the best Valentines day ever. I had such a day full of love that I decided to spread it around a bit.

I turned the L train into the Love train.

Then I spread some love throughout the gloomy streets of Brooklyn

I was pretty happy with the balloons

Someone was not so pleased with them. What a wussbucket.

Which is really sad because the balloon really seems to like her. Or perhaps its the static electricity she gathers when shes on the couch…

Pussy, Guns, and Heroin

28th October 2009

holy fuckwit amazing

Last week, Brooklyn Vegan let me take my favorite fancy Canadian and my camera on a pleasurable yacht ride along the river. Some would say that it was a night of cocktails, dancing, and beautiful music…

Fittingly enough, Bettina and her bag of curlers took refuge along grand piano and I spent the night having my bones beaten to a pulp at the front of the ship for a majority of it.

I was stoked to have gone to CMJs best show with the most fitting story.

EyehategodPig Destroyer, and Goatwhore fill a boat to capacity during an  torrential down pour and wreak havoc along the Hudson river.

So glad to see EHG and Goatwhore play and off of the personal perfect Pig Destroyer set list, only a few were left out. coughGravedancer, Pixie, Carrion Fairy, Phantom Limbcough

There were apparently a slew of drugs and fights happening along the ride but I guess that when I wasn’t looking at Mikes face, I was oblivious.

As represented 1:20 into this video (posted by William) from the night where, like a confused lab rat, I seem to have scurried in front of a very grumpy man right before an unfortunate/entertaining event.

More photos I took from the night can be seen here.

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